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Peering into the strategies of your top-ranking competitors, goes into their headers, questions, and keywords to craft a roadmap for your content, guiding you to create work that not only mirrors the success of your rivals but has the potential to surpass it. Essentially, it’s like having a reverse engineering tool tailored for the keyword you’re aiming to rank for. Sound interesting? Continue reading this review for more insight. 

This tool compresses hours of manual analysis into mere minutes, transforming it into a potent ally when utilized effectively. We’re going to do a thorough Frase io review, so stay tuned. 

A glance at Frase’s official website reveals a clientele of notable brands, signaling a promising shift. What features does bring to the table? Frase doesn’t skimp on features, outshining many of its rivals. Key features include:

  • Automatic AI Content Creator
  • More than 30 built-in AI templates and 100 more from the community
  • Maker of bespoke AI software
  • Software for modifying text
  • Artificial intelligence-assisted content editor
  • Keyword recommendation and content rating optimization tools
  • Outlines and briefings generated by AI
  • SEO Resources
  • Create your chatbot with the help of Frase Answers.

Marking its territory in the digital landscape, Frase IO is a content writer’s dream, aiding in the creation of prime SEO-friendly content. The tool is laden with features designed to streamline the content creation journey. It kicks off with an exhaustive keyword research tool, pinpointing the optimal keywords for your content.

Moreover, review introduces a content brief feature, enabling the swift generation of briefs for every content piece. Not stopping there, it conducts a content gap analysis, spotlighting any voids in existing content that can be bridged with fresh insights.

Frase.Io Review Video – Frase Io in Action

The First Step 

Frase’s dashboard is where you’ll start out in the app. All the AI and SEO resources you could ever want are conveniently located in the sidebar. The Documents page also serves as a central hub for managing your projects.

Click ‘New Document’ on the Documents page to start a new blank document for your first project. Then, decide if you want to write a whole new piece from scratch or optimize any previously published material.

Put your target term into Target Search Query (Frase will use this to evaluate the SERPs and provide you with optimization ideas to help you rank) and select your language of choice. You can select a destination folder to keep your work in for added convenience.

To further customize how Frase gathers data for its optimization suggestions, select Advanced Settings and decide the domain and keywords you want to target. Click ‘Create Document’ when you’re ready to access the Content Editor. 


The next step in our review is the content editor. There is no better content editor than Frase’s. It has an excellent user interface and performs admirably. Start composing in the main window and use the menu across the top to include images, format the text, and so on—just as in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. There are a number of helpful AI-powered workflow tools on the right that can speed up the process of content creation. Let’s check out the Research instruments as an example.

Research Tools

Search results for your target keywords and domain (search query) can be analyzed by Frase, and the data it collects can be used to inform your content authoring with research, insights, and optimization advice. The Research tab of the editor will display a list of your top search competitors’ articles, along with the headers they employ.

If you see a header you like and would like to use it in your own work, just click the corresponding button, and it will be imported into your document, where you may modify it as needed. Frase also allows you to instantly generate a FAQ for any competitor article by just pasting the outline, exploring the page, or both.

The Research section also includes word count and picture, header, and link recommendations. These suggestions originate from research conducted by Frase io on SERPs. The more closely you adhere to them, the better your search engine rankings should be. Two more additions to the Research window are deserving of discussion.

  1. Content Brief Generator

If you enter a target keyword and click Automate Content Brief, will build a detailed brief based on SERP analysis and import it into the editor for you or your team to use.  Instructions, topic clusters, questions to ask, data points to include, suggested links, and more may all be found in the brief to help guide your content creation.

  1. SERP Visualizer

You may examine all the rival articles that are currently ranking for your target term on Google by selecting Visualize SERP Metrics from the Research menu. 

Each ranked page’s topic score, word count, number of headings, domain rating, etc., as well as their SEO ranking position, will be displayed for your perusal. As a result, you’ll have an easier time gauging the competitors and tailoring your content strategy to them.

Editing Software Powered by AI

As you type into the editor, Frase’s AI-driven editing tools will suggest ways to make your writing better. If you choose some text within the editor and click, the toolbar will appear. There are some fantastic artificial intelligence settings on this menu bar.

To have Frase expand on what you’ve previously typed, for instance, select the option from the dropdown menu labeled “Expand.” To have Frase ‘ read’ the information you’ve marked and write a few more sentences/paragraphs to fill it out, select Write about this from the dropdown menu.

The Expand feature’s use extends to other contexts as well. By selecting Insert Transition, for instance, you can instruct Frase .io to start a new paragraph with a given transitional phrase. In addition to the Expand feature, you may also have your text automatically with Frase io paragraph rewriter.

If you wish to update your current material, this can be helpful. Or if you want to write something that sounds like an article your competition published but is actually completely plagiarism-free.

Select the text you want to rewrite, then click the Rewrite button. You can then decide whether you want to rewrite it paragraph by paragraph or sentence by sentence. Review: Templates Provided

Frase .io can assist with both editing and writing brand-new content that is optimized for search engines. Select a template that best fits your needs, provide some instructions, and Frase will take care of the rest.

From within the editor, select the AI Write tab on the right to have access to Frase’s pre-made AI-generated writing samples. You can also access these AI writing tools directly from the main Frase dashboard by clicking AI Tools. You can pick layouts for all the most typical forms of content, such as:

  • Drafts
  • Introductions of blog posts
  • Point-by-point explanations
  • Explanations
  • How-to’s articles
  • Instagram hashtags
  • Summarizing tool
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Reviews from Reddit and Quora
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Titles for a listicle
  • Inspiration for Videos to Post on YouTube
  • The list goes on and on. Review: Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve looked at every aspect of Frase, we can summarize its main advantages and disadvantages.

Frase Pros

  • Quickly gather information and put together reports. In our review, we found that the Frase content research functionality is top-notch. It is really useful to be able to skim through the titles, word counts, and headings utilized by rivals. It’s very helpful to have an automated system produce a content brief.
  • Optimizing content is a breeze. Based on my years of experience, the best way to optimize content is to see what already ranks. Frase simplifies this procedure and offers helpful suggestions for optimizing your content.
  • Excellent final product. The content that Frase can provide is of a very high standard. This is because the artificial intelligence behind Frase is powered by the OpenAI GPT-3 model, which gives it the ability to successfully mimic human writing styles.
  • Highly adaptable. The adaptability of Frase is what sets it apart from other AI authors. The community feature has resulted in an almost infinite pool of templates for every conceivable scenario. The Custom Tool feature even allows you to code in your own custom templates.
  • This UI is very well done. Frase’s user interface was fantastic. Of course, a great deal of this depends on individual taste. The design is uncluttered and straightforward, and the features all integrate in a way that makes sense for a content writer’s routine.
  • Another thing that stands out in our review is the integration with Google Docs. Using Google Docs, you can optimize your writing on the side. 

Frase Cons

  • There is just essential support for finding relevant keywords. Frase does not include a built-in keyword research tool like some of its rivals. While the Topic Planner’s keyword recommendation tool can be useful for finding long-tail keywords, it lacks useful indicators like monthly search volume and keyword difficulty for evaluating opportunities.
  • The Pro Add-On is highly recommended by our review experts. Frase’s subscription options start at a low price. When you add in the price of the Pro Upgrade, though, things get quite pricey. With a monthly limit of only 4,000 AI words without the add-on, it’s clear that high-volume content producers will need this feature.

Frase Pricing Structure review pricing

Frase’s pricing tiers can be modified to fit your budget. Frase’s many pricing tiers are detailed below in this section of Review. 


Frase’s $14.99/month individual subscription is affordable for anyone just getting started with search engine optimization (SEO) content creation. One user in this plan can make use of a total of seven document credits. Remember that the Solo plan doesn’t allow for file sharing. 


Frase’s $44.99/month basic package is affordable for solo entrepreneurs and small teams who need basic collaboration tools. One person can make use of this plan’s unrestricted document sharing and 30 document credits. 


Frase’s $114.99/month team package is ideal for businesses and teams that want to automate and scale their content curation efforts. The plan allows for document sharing and contains three user seats with limitless document credits. 

Note: The SEO Add-on costs $35 per month; for those extra funds, you gain access to things like SERP data enrichment, Frase AI writer, and keyword search volume. 

Frase Integrations

Frase can also be combined with a variety of third-party applications and services. We have included a list of integrations and services that work well with Frase. 

Google Searches Console

Connecting Frase to the Google Search Console is a breeze. Once Frase is implemented, it will extract all of the keywords for which your site ranks, along with other metrics and statistics. Additionally, Frase will group similar keywords together to form a cluster. You can utilize these terms to develop relevant content for your website’s focus. To gain even more insight into the traffic to your websites, you can connect GSC and Google Analytics.


Yes, Frase also works with WordPress, so you can post to WordPress from within Frase. This is a temporary measure while the feature undergoes development. Because of the security risks involved, I do not advise implementing this integration. 

FAQs Schema

There is a frequently asked questions schema in Frase, but few people really use it. We use the Yoast SEO plugin to handle the frequently asked questions schema on our DemandSage site. Frase is a plugin for WordPress that enables the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) schema if you aren’t using Yoast SEO or Rank Math. 


Only the Frase Answer engine is supported by the HubSpot and Frase integration. After connecting HubSpot and Frase, leads and contacts can be automatically sent to HubSpot’s customer relationship management system. 

Who Would Benefit Most from Frase?

The Frase application caters to the following three categories of users:

  • Frase is your best bet if you’re an SEO writer who wants to surpass the performance of the industry’s leaders. To guarantee your content is optimal, you can compare it to that of the top-ranking competitors. Leading SEO practitioners advocate for its use.
  • Frase is a useful tool for content marketers who want to boost their content’s return on investment (ROI) by attracting more readers and more organic traffic that converts. 
  • Frase saves time for marketing firms by automating tasks like identifying keywords and developing content outlines. As a whole, it facilitates the acceleration of your content production rate. 

Bottom Line review replace human writers

That’s it for this review. Throughout our review journey, numerous automated writing systems have been tested. For us, Frase AI’s abundance of features stood out the most.  There’s quite a bit to it, including a chatbot, editing tools, optimization tips, search engine optimization tools, and more.

But despite its extensive functionality, it’s a breeze to learn and operate. The content produced by AI systems is astounding. Overall, Frase is a top-tier AI writing tool. However, it is not yet advanced enough to replace human writers. 

The most effective application of Frase is to hasten one’s work and writing. The program can help you get started writing, but it will likely require human revisions before it’s ready for publication. Sign up for a $1 trial of Frase to see whether it’s right for you. To begin, click here. 
To read more reviews like this review, explore AI Marketing Reviews. FaQs

Is there a Free trial to test the functionality?

Unfortunately, there is no free trial right now, anyway you can test their service for 5 days for the tiny amount of 1 USD!

What are the best alternatives?

There are many other AI writing and SEO tools out there! We recommend browsing the matching category on this website to find the best tools for your specific needs!

Is there a Chrome extension?

Yes there is a Chrome extension for different tools you can use directly inside your browser!


Is a good choice when it comes to ai content creation tools? Read our detailed review and learn more about this tool!

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