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AI is one of the most novel innovations of the current century. It has been employed in medicine, business, transportation, military, academics, the arts, popular culture, and the media. AI grows in capability and efficiency, eventually solving the hardest problems.

One such field where artificial intelligence has been making strides is AI video generation, and we’re going to do a DeepBrain Review here, so get ready.

In this article, we’ll examine DeepBrain AI Review in detail to see how this cutting-edge name is shaping the future of artificial intelligence with its cutting-edge technology, products, and services. So, let’s get this review started.

What is DeepBrain?

The Korean startup DeepBrain offers a subscription-based service in the cloud for making videos. There are three divisions at

  • AI Human is a platform that uses highly realistic 2D and 3D avatars to have live discussions with customers in real-time. The primary application is in self-service kiosks.
  • AI Studios is a text-to-video tool enabling filmmakers and businesspeople to generate AI-created videos from text.
  • Enhance the HR procedure with humanlike AI avatars and natural conversation using AI Interview.

Videos featuring artificially intelligent people can be made with a few keystrokes in DeepBrain AI Studio. Its standout feature is the ability to create artificial intelligence avatars specifically tailored to represent your company. Even if you’re not an AI whiz, you should have no trouble following the procedure because the platform has a basic interface and instructions.

The educational sector is one that may benefit from the DeepBrain AI platform. Teachers can use the AI avatars to their advantage by making instructional movies that are both interesting and interactive for their pupils. The marketing, promotion, and product demonstration aspects of DeepBrain AI are also useful for enterprises of all sizes.

Why Does DeepBrain Stand Out From Other Video Making Tools?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make videos without having to shoot them? This is exactly what DeepBrain provides you with. Neither cameras nor microphones or performers are required: Avatars, the platform’s virtual actors, mimic human speech and gestures to provide a more lifelike experience.

Moreover, you won’t need any special software or hardware to edit. Background images, text, sound effects, and music can all be added using the software’s editing dashboard. Furthermore, no additional fees are incurred for localization when a single video is shared with several audiences by simply switching the audio track to the desired language. And the cherry on top is that the monthly pricing plans start at just $30. Keep reading for more wonderful perks in this DeepBrain AI review.

Artificial Intelligence Deep-Brain Specifications

DeepBrain AI employs cutting-edge AI algorithms to produce authentic and fascinating motion videos. It has several options, such as text-to-speech, different layouts, and automatic subtitle creation with a single click. Because of its portability across platforms and devices, DeepBrain AI can be used for any video production task.

The innovation that went into creating DeepBrain AI is astounding. Text is converted into speech using state-of-the-art AI algorithms, giving the system the ability to mimic a wide range of human voices, accents, and tones. Deep learning, a subfield of machine learning, serves as the foundation for this innovation.

To process vast volumes of information, deep learning algorithms employ neural networks with several layers (thus the term “deep”). These algorithms in DeepBrain AI are trained on a massive amount of speech data, which allows them to construct a voice that is nearly indistinguishable from a real human voice.

Moreover, video synthesis technology is used by DeepBrain AI to make the AI Avatars. Artificial intelligence is used by this technology to create lifelike human motions that may be incorporated into videos. The end effect is a video that is convincing on all fronts, from the audio to the visuals, and completely immerses the spectator.

What Can DeepBrain Do For You? Review

To make a video with DeepBrain, all you need is access to the internet and a web browser. With the software’s pre-made layouts, numerous avatars, and powerful editing tools, you can make a professional-looking film in a matter of minutes.

Video content for the following can be made with DeepBrain:

  • Videos for Social Media
  • Education and video lectures
  • Promotional videos.
  • Videos from YouTube.
  • Product analysis and presentation
  • Video lessons.
  • The How-Tos
  • Introduction films.
  • Promotional movies.
  • Tutorials
  • Media reports.

Key Functions of DeepBrain AI

  • Over 80 different voices and spoken languages.
  • Over 100 different kinds of human avatars to choose from.
  • Pick a character with a head, an upper body, or a full body.
  • There are over 65 editable video templates to choose from.
  • Music, graphics, and videos with no royalties attached.
  • The maximum number of scenes per video is fifty.
  • Automatic subtitles and translation services.
  • Adjustable captions.
  • ChatGPT integration for writing scripts
  • Create a talking version of yourself with custom avatars and use it in your films.
  • Both audio and silent screen captures are possible.
  • You can upload a snapshot of your face and have it replaced by an artificial intelligence avatar.
  • Modification of one’s body language.
  • Avatars, both 2D and 3D.
  • Turn PowerPoint presentations into videos with voiceovers and subtitles in various languages.
  • Open Source API
  • Comprehensive video editing with effects and transitions.
  • Avatar customization using recorded voiceover uploads.
  • The highest quality available for download is 1080p.
  • You have complete ownership of any videos made for commercial use.

DeepBrain AI Review: Pricing Structure

DeepBrain AI Review

Starter Pack At $30/Month

  • A monthly video credit of 20 minutes. One minute of video is equal to one credit, and the maximum length for a video is twenty minutes.
  • Eleven synthetic intelligence characters are available here. Avatars in Global, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese are available for selection.
  • This copyright belongs to the customer. No time limit on viewing videos
  • Avatars are based on actual humans. An artificially intelligent representation that looks and acts like real people.
  • Possible public uploading on social media
  • Languages in the 80+ range. Artificial Intelligence studios may produce videos in any language or dialect.
  • Include captions in the video. Improve the quality of your video by including supplementary material.
  • Transferring a chroma key. You can get an Avatar Chroma Key video online.
  • Create shapes. Improve the quality of your video by including supplementary material.
  • Royalty-free stock images and videos to use
  • Audio recording saving. Downloadable audio files are available.
  • Modify your avatars by changing your hair and clothing. AI avatars of many different races and occupations are available at the AI Studios.
  • Slideshows created in PowerPoint can be imported and used as wallpaper.

Pro At $225/Month

  • Credits for unlimited video
  • A.I. avatars with no limits. Hundreds of unique, pre-made characters to choose from
  • AI Avatars can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business.
  • Premium service availability. Requestable services that cost money: strategy and deployment of synthetic video, motion graphics, and video editing
  • Providing 3D-modeled artificial intelligence avatars based on human features
  • It is possible to create an unlimited number of projects. Useful for videos that take the form of presentations
  • You can make videos of any length with an unlimited number of slides.
  • Free 3D characters and avatars are available.
  • Full High-Definition (1080P) video export. Make movies of the highest quality possible.
  • Get customer service with a top-tier support team within a few minutes.
  • Light gestures like nodding your head and waving hello are possible thanks to the gesture function.

Crafting a Video with DeepBrain: A Step-by-Step Guide

Start with Selections

Upon logging in, opt to begin with ChatGPT, URL to AI video, solid background, default template, or import PowerPoint.

Template Choices

Pick from over 100 vertical or horizontal templates, spanning categories like explainer video, social media, and learning and development. Preview videos are available with a click to give you a feel of the template. Every template is fully customizable to fit your needs, and once settled, a video preview lets you test the waters.

Although templates come with avatars, there’s room for change. Choose from options like close-up, half-body, or circle view and align them left center, or right as per your preference.

Initiating Creation

Click on ‘create video’ to navigate to the dashboard and kickstart the video creation journey.

Dashboard Decisions

Here, decide on the avatar style – whether you prefer a whole, head, or no avatar, focusing solely on voice. Numerous language options and voice selections are at your disposal. Adding pauses and previewing the spoken script are also possible.

Scripting & Integration

Inserting a text script is a breeze – do it manually or leverage Chat-GPT integration for quick results. This integration is seamless and keeps you within the platform, proving to be a real game-changer.

DeepBrain AI review stands out with its feature, allowing audio file uploads for voiceovers or enabling you to record directly using a PC microphone. Screen recording is another highlight.

Adding Elements

Enhance your video by adding text, subtitles, images, backgrounds, videos, audio, and shapes from the right sidebar. All these elements are royalty-free, eliminating any copyright concerns. Uploading your own graphics and audio is also possible for branding or utilizing existing resources.

Preview & Submit

Once content, preview your video. At this point, avatars are static without animation. After submission, the finalized video will be available on your dashboard.

DeepBrain AI Review: Pros and Cons


Versatile Deepbrain AI Pricing Structures

The monthly DeepBrain AI pricing plans for DeepBrain range from 10 minutes to 240 minutes. They also offer specialized business plans to cater to individual requirements.

Different Kinds of Asian Avatar

If you’re interested in industries from China, Japan, and Korea, DeepBrain is the platform for you.

Constantly Updated Products

DeepBrain is constantly updating with new widgets and characters.

Price of DeepBrain

DeepBrain AI pricing is customizable to meet your needs. If you want to try the platform, you may do so with a 1-minute video at no cost and the next paid plan, which allows you to create videos for 10 minutes for only $24 per month (billed annually). This entry-level package gives access to 80+ languages and 100+ human avatars without a watermark.

Custom DeepBrain AI pricing is available upon request, with plans starting at $200 per month for 120 video minutes. Make a video on their site in under a minute for no cost.


No Video Tutorials For Beginners

Some guides can be found on the site. While creating a video with DeepBrain requires little in the way of rocket science, we may benefit from a more comprehensive onboarding process.

Lack of Integrations

While DeepBrain does offer a private API, no native integrations are available at this time. (which also connects with Zapier) and Synthesia are two options to consider if you need to include this technology in your existing workflow.


You will miss DeepBrain’s lack of collaborative features if you operate in a team.

Gestures of Avatars

Gestures made by avatars are confined to the hands and body and don’t appear realistic.

Our DeepBrain AI Review

You’ll find a lot of the standard tools for this kind of platform on DeepBrain. If you ask us, Some avatars’ movements feel natural, while others may use some work. While the ability to move one’s avatar’s hands and body is thrilling and unique, it lacks the polish and realism that other platforms offer. Some of the voices also require work. Most English voices sound excellent, but some Spanish voices seem robotic, and we don’t know enough languages to verify voice quality beyond English and Spanish.

However, this is the most comprehensive site for finding Asian-themed avatars, be it Korean, Chinese, or Japanese. In general, is really easy to use. The platform operates faultlessly, allowing users to quickly and cheaply produce professional-quality videos.

Every user’s experience is different. To try this AI video generator, click here and get started.

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