Browse AI Review: Best Extraction and Scraping Tool at $0!

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Browse AI is a no-code platform that allows individuals and businesses to automate extracting and monitoring data from websites.

Browse AI offers a user-friendly way to scrape data from any website and turn it into a structured spreadsheet or an API. It’s designed for users who need coding skills but need to extract data for various purposes, such as market research, lead generation, price monitoring, and more.

We will be discussing its working, pros and cons, and alternatives in this Browse AI review guide. 

Browse AI Review: How It Works

The core of Browse AI’s functionality is its ability to train “robots” to navigate websites and extract the data you need. You can prepare a robot in just a few minutes by showing it what data to collect. This process does not require any coding knowledge.

Once a robot is trained, it can extract specific data from websites and compile it into a self-filling spreadsheet. This is particularly useful for gathering data from multiple pages or dealing with large amounts of information.

Browse AI can also monitor web pages for changes. You can set up a robot to extract data on a schedule and receive notifications if there are any changes. This feature helps track price changes, stock levels, or updates to job listings.

Browse AI robots can adapt to site layout changes, which means they continue to work even if the website they’re scraping updates its design. You can also bulk run up to 50,000 robots simultaneously, making the tool scalable for more extensive operations.

You can use Browse AI for free and only pay as your needs grow. The platform is designed to be easy to learn, with most users able to understand the basics within five minutes.

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Browse AI Features

Browse AI is packed with features that make it a powerful tool for data extraction and monitoring without the need for any coding skills. Here’s a closer look in this Browse AI review at what it offers:

No-Code Data Extraction

At the heart of Browse AI is its no-code approach to data extraction. Users can train robots to navigate and extract data from websites by pointing and clicking on the data they need. This makes the process accessible to anyone, regardless of their technical background.

Automated Monitoring

Browse AI isn’t just about one-time data scraping; it allows for continuous monitoring of web pages. You can set up a robot to extract data on a schedule and get notified of any changes. This is useful for keeping tabs on competitor pricing, stock availability, or content updates.

Prebuilt Robots

For those who need to hit the ground running, Browse AI review offers a range of prebuilt robots. These are ready-made solutions for everyday use cases, such as extracting job listings from LinkedIn or monitoring company profiles.

Browse AI review

These robots save time and simplify setting up data extraction tasks.

Bulk Operations

The platform can handle operations at scale, with the capability to bulk run up to 50,000 robots simultaneously. This feature is a boon for large-scale data extraction projects, ensuring that even the most extensive data needs are met efficiently.

User Interaction Emulation

Browse AI robots can emulate user interactions on websites. This means they can navigate through pages, handle pagination, scroll through infinite feeds, and even solve captchas, just as a human would.

Global Data Extraction

The service is not limited by geography. You can extract location-based data from anywhere worldwide, which is essential for businesses that operate globally or need insights from multiple markets.

Integration with Thousands of Apps

With integration capabilities for over 7,000 applications, Browse AI fits seamlessly into your existing workflows. Whether you need to send data to Google Sheets Airtable or create custom workflows with Zapier, Browse AI review has you covered.

Workflow Automation

Beyond simple data extraction, Browse AI allows you to automate complex workflows with its robots. This means you can set up a series of actions based on the data extracted, automating processes that would otherwise require manual intervention.


Web pages change constantly, but Browse AI’s robots are designed to auto-adapt to these changes. This ensures that your data extraction processes are not disrupted by website updates, maintaining continuity and reliability.

Transparent Pricing

Browse AI operates on a ‘start for free, pay as you grow’ model, which means you can use the service without any upfront costs. This approach particularly appeals to startups and small businesses mindful of their budgets.

These are just the top features Browse AI has to offer, ensure to check out their free plan to get a feeling for the potential this service has to offer!

How To Use Browse AI: A Step-by-Step Guide in Browse AI Review

Getting started with Browse AI is like learning to ride a bike with training wheels; it’s designed to be intuitive and supportive every step of the way. Here’s how you can get rolling with the help of our Browse AI review:

Step 1: Sign Up and Get to Know the Platform

First things first, you’ll want to create an account. It’s as straightforward as signing up for a social media account. Once you’re in, take a moment to look around. The interface is user-friendly, so you’ll feel like you’re getting a tour of a new smartphone; everything is where you’d expect it to be.

Step 2: Meet Your First Robot

Now, it’s time to create your first robot. But don’t worry, it’s nothing like building a sci-fi android. It’s more like setting up a new coffee maker; you’re just telling it what you need it to do. In Browse AI, you’ll guide the robot through the website you’re interested in, showing it the data you want to collect. It’s a point-and-click affair – no wrenches or screwdrivers are needed.

Step 3: Training Time

Training your robot is a hands-on process, but it’s different than teaching a puppy to sit. It’s more like showing a friend around your hometown; you’re simply pointing out the landmarks – in this case, the data points you’re interested in. The robot will watch and learn, ready to revisit those points and collect the data when you ask.

Step 4: Schedule and Automate

Once your robot knows what to do, you can set it on a schedule. It’s akin to setting an alarm clock; you tell it when to wake up and go to work. Whether hourly, daily, or weekly, your robot will dutifully collect the data and deliver it to you, just like getting your morning newspaper.

Step 5: Collect Your Data

After your robot has done its rounds, you’ll find your data neatly organized to analyze. It’s like having a personal assistant hand you your files, all sorted and stapled, without you having to lift a finger.

Step 6: Monitor and Adapt

As your needs evolve or websites change, you can go back and tweak your robot’s instructions. It’s like updating your GPS for a road trip when you take a scenic detour; you’re just making sure your robot knows the new route.

Step 7: Scale Up

If you need more data or more frequent updates, you can deploy more robots or adjust your settings. It’s like hiring more staff for your store during the holiday rush; you’re expanding your team to meet the demand.

Step 8: Integrate and Expand

Finally, you can connect Browse AI with other tools you use, like spreadsheets or databases. It’s like setting up a new piece of smart home tech; you’re linking devices to work together seamlessly.

Browse AI Review: Pricing Structure

Browse AI review

Free Plan

Starting with the Free Plan, it’s the gateway to Browse AI’s offerings, much like a complimentary appetizer at a restaurant. It costs nothing, making it a risk-free way to sample the service. You’re allocated 50 credits each month, akin to tokens for the data extraction arcade. With this plan, you can operate up to four robots, your digital waitstaff, ready to serve the data you need. 

They’ll keep your data on hand for 15 days, and you can expect them to complete tasks within a 12-minute window, checking for updates once a day. Support is basic, akin to asking a server for a recommendation. It’s enough to get you started.

Starter Plan

Moving up to the Starter Plan, for $19 monthly, you’re entering the realm of serious dining. Your credit allowance jumps to 750 per month (or 10,000 with annual billing), giving you more freedom to order data as you please. The remaining features remain as remarkable as the Free Plan but with a heftier portion of credits to satisfy your growing data appetite.

Professional Plan

The Professional Plan is where things start to get gourmet. For $99 a month, you’re treated to a chef’s selection of features with a credit budget of 5,000 each month (10,000 to 20,000 for annual subscribers). It’s a plan designed for those with a refined taste for data and the need for a more robust action service.

Team Plan

The Team Plan is the VIP experience, priced at $249 monthly. It’s like reserving the chef’s table, with 5000 monthly credits (60000 if billed annually) at your disposal. This plan is tailored for teams who need a lavish spread of data to pour over, providing ample resources for extensive data operations.

Company Plan

Lastly, the Company Plan is the full venue hire—pricing and credits are customized to fit the scale of your enterprise. This is the ultimate in tailored data extraction services, complete with premium support and a dedicated account manager, ensuring that your company’s data needs are met with the highest care and precision.

Browse AI offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Suppose the service doesn’t meet your expectations. In that case, they offer a refund under certain conditions, ensuring that your investment in their data extraction service is satisfying.

Browse AI Review: Pros and Cons


Easy Interface

Browse AI is like your favorite coffee shop, where everything is where you want it to be. The interface is intuitive, making it easy for anyone to start scraping data without needing a tech-savvy barista to guide them.

Beginners Friendly

You won’t need to learn a programming language to use Browse AI. It’s like being able to cook a gourmet meal without knowing how to chop vegetables; the platform does the heavy lifting for you.

Versatile Data Extraction

Whether you’re looking to monitor prices or gather market research data, Browse AI is like a Swiss Army knife, equipped with the tools to tackle a wide range of data extraction tasks.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

It keeps an eye on websites for you, sending alerts about changes just as a diligent watchdog would let you know someone is at the door.


With the ability to run thousands of robots simultaneously, Browse AI is like having an entire automation tools at your disposal when you need big data.

Integration with Other Apps

The platform plays well with others, integrating with over 7,000 apps. It’s like having a universal remote for all your data workflows.

Free to Start

Dipping your toes doesn’t cost a penny. It’s like the first day at the gym, where you can try all the equipment for free.


Limited by Web Page Complexity

Some web pages are like puzzles, and if Browse AI can’t solve the captcha or navigate through complex dynamic content, it might struggle like a beginner puzzle solver would.

Dependence on Website Stability

If a website is constantly changing its layout, it can disrupt Browse AI’s performance even though it is designed to be adaptable.

Data Privacy Concerns

In a world where data is as valuable as gold, giving sensitive scraping tasks to some other tool might make some people as jumpy as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Alternatives to Browse Ai Reviewed

Here are some of the Browse AI alternatives:

  • Fivetran 
  • Scraper API
  • Dataddo
  • Skyvia 
  • Hevo Data 
  • Keboola
  • Bright Data

From our Browse AI review, we hope you got a clear picture of how you can use this amazing tool for free. To start your free trial, Click HERE.

Browse AI Review: FAQs

Which web services are compatible with Browse AI?

Browse AI is the only web automation software that is both intelligent and capable of recording and reliably running automation on any of the world’s 1.8 billion websites. Premium site tasks typically cost between 2 and 10 credits. Some instances include:

Do they accept my currency for payment?

Unfortunately, at this time, it can only accept payments in US Dollars (USD).

Is there any guarantee provided?

According to the terms specified in the Refund Policy, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

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