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This is a detailed Linkwhisper review, the newest SEO tool on the market. This WordPress plugin promises to automate, at least in part, the process of creating internal links. No, you won’t have to insert links between posts and pages.

Now, let’s look at how Link Whispers does its job alongside its stacked information about its overview and features alongside pros and cons, ensure to read out Linkwisper Review till the end to get all the information about this WordPress PlugIn!

Linkwhisper Review

Linkwhisper is a Wordprses plug in to create and optimize your internal linking structure without the need to build all the links by yourself! Instead Linkwhisper will allow you to automate or semi automate the process of internal linking for best ranking results!

Is this the first WordPress plugin to allow for internal links? Certainly not; in fact, there were already a few other internal linking plugins out there before Link Whisper was released.

The trouble with these plugins was that they altered the entire site structure based on fundamental keyword matching. As a result, there are a lot of links throughout the site that all use the exact anchor text. This results in “unnatural linking patterns,” which might lead to a penalty from Google.

In the first place, it uses AI to look for contextually-aware intelligent linking opportunities. In addition, you can choose the pages you want to link to and the anchor text you want to use with Link Whisper.

After you install Link Whisper, it will immediately begin scanning your entire site, and it will continue doing so anytime you publish new content. It compiles a list of possible links and lets you pick and select which ones to implement.

It’s vital to highlight that Link Whisper only partially automates your internal connections. Remember that you should never use a fully automatic internal linking plugin; instead, you should always be able to audit and approve each internal link individually. This includes editing the anchor text used in the link itself.

Keep on reading our LinkWhisper Review to learn more about the most interesting Features this plug in has to offer!

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After the installation, you can find the LinkWhisper Settings in the left WordPress menue, like you do for the most WordPress plugins!

The home page displays the Link stats. When you conduct a link scan, it analyzes all the content on your site and presents the results graphically. A visual breakdown of your website’s internal and external links is provided. 

Last but not least, the page titled “Link Stats” provides you with crucial data regarding your site’s links. Here’s an example:

Orphaned Posts: The total amount of articles on your blog that are not linked to any other articles.

Posts Crawled: The total amount of posts from your blog that were crawled is displayed below.

404 Errors: Amount of broken links with error messages

Links Found: No Unwanted Hyperlinks It’s the sum of all the inbound and outbound links on your blog.

Internal Links: Summing up all of the links within your site

The left sidebar provides access to further options and controls. Overall, its interface was easy to use and helpful to newcomers while it provides the options you need. 

LinkWhisper is unique among link-building tools due to its Reports. You can find a range of reports to help you obtain an overview of how your links are working. Let’s peek at the various reports we may generate with Link Whisper.

This report displays the total number of visits to a particular URL. You can monitor the most popular articles by viewing the number of times their internal and external links have been clicked.

Reports of Errors

If you want to keep track of broken links on your blog, Error Report is a must-have. We refer to these as “Broken links.” 

There are several potential causes for a link to fail. Possible examples include:

  • Extra characters are appended to the URL automatically.
  • Due to typos in the domain name, the page has been moved.
  • If you use LinkWhisper to discover which links have stopped working, you can restore them in seconds.

The amount of incoming and outgoing internal links, as well as external links, for each of your posts, is displayed in this tab. Most of your site’s internal links will point to the postings toward the top of the page.

Internal links may be altered or removed at your discretion. You can refine your search by selecting specific criteria, such as post format, link quantity, or category. The reports generated by LinkWhisper can be exported to a CSV file for offline analysis. If you want your website to be effective and reach its intended audience, you need Link Whisper’s data and information, which it gladly gives.


By using the built-in auto-linking function, you can quickly and easily add both internal and external links to your web pages.

With this method, you can quickly implement a keyword-based affiliate link strategy, which is quite effective and usefful for sites with usergenerated content or lots of content posted daily. When you use that keyword in your article, it will take you to another one that is relevant to the topic.

Linkwhisper Health Checker

Your external and internal links’ functioning and health are recorded here. Its primary function is to report on how well your website’s links are performing. A broken link, a 404 error, and similar issues are also something it handles.  

Google’s Integration

This is one of the most essential integration options available with Link Whisper.

Information about how people found your website or specific pages can be gleaned from this. The ability to effortlessly incorporate internal links into web pages and your content is another benefit of doing this.

Changing URLs

To switch between the previous and new URLs, use this function. Once you update your website’s address, any references to the last address will immediately redirect to the new one.

Using WordPress plugins like RankMath or Yoast SEO, it is helpful to designate keywords for each link. 

The material is scanned for your target keywords, and a list of relevant links is generated automatically using the target keyword function.

Using keywords for link anchor text boosts post rankings in search engine results pages.  By providing Linkwhisper with a list of target keywords, you may instruct it on which search queries it should prioritize when making its link recommendations on your behalf. 

Linkwhisper only checks for exact matches of the target keyword when looking for keyword usage in content. If you want to rank for the term “best SEO practices,” for instance, LinkWhisper will only hunt for precise matches. ‘SEO techniques’ and similar keywords will not be tracked or used in suggested links.

You can use the LinkWhisper plugin to alter the address of any of the pages.

The ‘URL Changer tool can modify relative and absolute URLs across your site and turn total into close links.  To prevent manually updating each link, this function can be used whenever the site’s overall structure is modified.

Without utilizing redirects, you may easily update hundreds of internal links with only a few mouse clicks. Replacing the original URL with the new one will do the trick.  All URL updates will be listed in a table where you may make any necessary modifications. This feature alone can be a hugh time saver if you run sites with lots of content!

linkwhisper review

There are total three pricing options available:

1 Site License

This option is for those looking to use Link Whisper on a single site. It’s priced at $77. With this, you get access to all the features for one site, including Smart Internal Links and Full Internal Links Reporting. One thing to note is that this is an annual payment, and it will continue to bill you each year until you decide to cancel. 

3 Site License

If you’re managing three sites, this might be the plan for you. It’s priced a bit higher at $117. In return, you’ll get all the features, but for three sites this time. Just like the 1 Site License, this plan offers Smart Internal Links and Full Internal Links Reporting. And again, it’s an annual subscription, so it’ll renew every year unless you cancel. 

10 Site License

For those with more extensive needs, managing up to 10 sites, there’s this option. It comes with a price tag of $167. With this, you get all the bells and whistles of the service, but for 10 sites. You’ll receive Smart Internal Links, Full Internal Links Reporting, and like the other two options, this is billed annually until you choose to cancel.

To get statred with your prefered package, Click Here and thank AI Marketing Reviews later!

There are benefits and drawbacks to using Link Whisper, just like any other plugin. The information in our Linkwhisper Review is made to help you make a well-informed decision regarding installing and using LinkWhisper on your WordPress website.

  • The plugin can be installed with minimal effort.
  • You won’t have to sift through your website for pertinent links or try to recall when you last wrote a blog post to insert a link to, saving you a ton of time.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX) are improved.
  • It minimizes the bounce rate of your website as consumers browse more pages from your website.
  • Internal links are generated with basic HTML codes rather than complex JavaScript. Thus, there is no influence on page load time.
  • Headings (h1-h6) will not have links suggested.
  • There is a no-cost option in the WordPress plugin repository.
  • There is a global checkbox option to open all links in a new tab or only external links in a new tab (a great time saver indeed).
  • Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, WPBakery Builder, Thrive Builder, Themify Builder, and many other popular WordPress Page Builders are all fully supported. To see the entire set, click here.
  • You have 30 days to decide if LinkWhisper is right for you, and if it isn’t, you may get your money back.
  • One license costs a hefty $77 per year. This is especially true if you want to use this plugin on multiple websites. One-time payments or support for an unlimited number of domains per license would have been preferable.
  • When your website includes thousands of articles, it also implies that you have a LOT of irrelevant links.
  • It functions most reliably on WordPress-based sites. However, a Shopify edition has also been released recently.
  • There is no undo or cancel button; thus, removing the plugin’s created links must be done manually.

Linkwhisper is a great tool for sites with lots of sites and content, here you can save hours of work using this plug in! It can also be very helpful if you run a sites with many authors and content creators, here you can automatically insert your links into articles posted to your sites, without adding them manunally! If you runa almost static site, without regular Posts and Updates, you may want to save the money and build your internal linking structure mannually!

The most frequently asked questions that constantly run in the mind of a buyer are stated below. Feel free to leave your question below if it is not awnsered already!


Read our LInkWhisper Review to learn all you need to know about the #1 interlinking PLugin for Wordpress!

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