Speak Ai Review – Best Features, Benefits, And 3 Alternatives

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You can now transcribe or analyze voices from audio and videos easily with SpeakAi.co, which is an AI text generator. Speak Ai is a platform designed to assist marketing and research teams in transforming unstructured audio, video, and text data into valuable insights. Leveraging the power of transcription and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speak Ai offers a range of solutions to streamline the process of data analysis and insight extraction.
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How Does Speak Ai Work?

Users are not required to create any code in order to make use of the SpeakAI platform, which can read both written text and audio and video files. Following this step, the system makes use of technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition in order to transcribe the data and do an analysis of it. 

Users have the capacity to discover a wide range of items, such as terms, issues, attitudes, and many more. The information that was gathered may be useful in a wide variety of studies, such as research on the market and an examination of comments made by customers.

Deep learning is the engine that drives Speak Ai review, a transcription service that is hosted in the cloud and powered by artificial intelligence. It is possible to generate transcriptions from a wide range of sources, such as voicemails, phone calls, meetings, and conferences, among others.

Because it makes use of voice recognition technology, the Speak Ai system transcribes the audio that you have recorded into a set of text files. Each minute of audio that was captured has correspondingly one text file. After being uploaded to our online servers, these data sets are processed with an intricate neural network architecture called Long Short-Term Memory Networks (LSTM), which is an acronym for “Long Short-Term Memory Networks.” 

This makes it possible for us to recognize word patterns, which, in turn, improves our capability of understanding what you are saying in situations in which multiple people are speaking at the same time or in which there is a significant amount of background noise, such as during a concert or a sporting event that was recorded.

Speak AI Review: ‍Features and Use Cases

Speak Ai Review

The following are some examples of how our team has found SpeakAi.co to be useful after utilizing the product in question:

  • Transcriptions
  • Expert Competitor Analysis
  • Speech-to-text software
  • Data Visualization like Word clouds, charts, reports, 
  • Embeddable recorders to collect data from anywhere
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  • Amazon Reviews Analysis with Speak.ai
  • Magic Prompts
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Analyze and Transcribe large volumes of recurring media
  • High-quality content for marketers


The precision of SpeakAI’s transcription is the most astounding aspect of its functionality. Users are granted the ability to instantly transcribe spoken content into written form thanks to the cutting-edge voice recognition technology supported by the platform. Whether you’re conducting interviews, analyzing focus groups, or working with podcast episodes, you can speed up the data collection process by making use of the transcription features offered by SpeakAI. This will allow you to save time.

No-Code NLP

Speak Ai review uses natural language processing (NLP) methods to glean insights and metadata from the transcribed media content. An in-depth examination of the text is made possible by the platform’s automatic detection of entities, sentiments, subjects, and key phrases. Researchers and marketers can benefit greatly from NLP’s ability to sift through large amounts of data in order to glean nuggets of information about consumer feedback, market trends, and audience attitude, allowing for more informed decision-making and more precise plans.

Data Visualization

SpeakAI.co’s data visualization features are what set it apart from other transcription and analysis tools. Insights may be shown on the platform, making it easier for users to spot patterns and trends. These visualizations, which range from word clouds to emotion analysis charts, make it easy to extract meaningful insights from large datasets. Data visualization makes it much easier to share findings with stakeholders and helps produce more engaging reports and presentations.

Data Sharing and Collaboration With Teams

Sharing information and working together is simplified with SpeakAI’s built-in collaboration tools. The platform allows for simultaneous access and work on a project by several users, which improves efficiency and encourages collaboration. 

Users can easily export the transcriptions, analytics outcomes, and visualization from SpeakAI and share them with others. Facilitating clear communication and fact-based decision-making, this function streamlines the process of disseminating findings to colleagues, clients, or other stakeholders.

Privacy and Data Security

SpeakAI values its users’ right to privacy and the security of their data. The platform uses basic security procedures to safeguard user information and maintain privacy. The recordings and transcriptions of users are encrypted, and there are stringent controls over who can access the data. SpeakAI’s dedication to data security guarantees that investigators and advertisers can use the platform with complete peace of mind.

Other Features

  • Speak Ai enables over 100,000 companies, researchers, and marketers to transform their language data into actionable insights without the need for coding.
  • The platform’s artificial intelligence is specialized for qualitative research, interviews & focus groups, survey & form data, and phone calls & meetings. This ensures efficient data analysis and insight extraction for various use cases.
  • Recording of sound, video, and text remotely: Support for external media, the creation of embeddable recorders, and in-app video and audio capture.
  • This feature allows users to ask questions and receive powerful, meaningful responses. It’s akin to having a large language model at your disposal, specifically tailored for analyzing audio, video, and text data.
  • Data filtering, sentiment analysis, autonomous named-entity recognition, and data visualization all fall under the category of “advanced analysis and visualization.”
  • Use the transcript editor and have a professional transcribe it for you for the best results.
  • Organize your material in projects, create media players that are search engine optimized and can be shared, and decide how to export your files.
  • Built-in support and pre-made Zapier integrations: Zapier integrations and templates, as well as support for Vimeo and Zoom.
  • Speak API access for developers to help with the Integration, API usage, and Webhook availability.

Speak Ai Review of Cost

Speak Ai review cost

The premium features of SpeakAi.co can be purchased at one of the following price levels:

  • The pay-as-you-go is for one use and has all the basic functions along with unlimited storage. 
  • The Starter plan has a recurring cost of $57 each month. The annual fee comes out to be $681.60 
  • The Custome plan comes according to what you include in your package. You can get unlimited storage users as well as hours.

In addition, the pricing system is unlike any other out there. If you are interested in this plan and want to know the cost, you should get in touch with them. If you pay for a complete year of Speak at once, you can save 20% on any pricing plan that the company offers.

Speak Ai Review: Pros and Cons

This section in our Speak Ai review consists of detailed pros and cons of the platform. After reading the pros and cons, you can make an insightful decision about whether this tool is worth your use or not. 


  • Transforms language data into actionable insights without the need for coding.
  • Because it can convert text into audio that has a natural voice, SpeakAI is an excellent tool for developing one-of-a-kind content that can be used for marketing activities.
  • Users of SpeakAI don’t need to have any prior experience with coding.
  • Tools such as natural language processing (NLP) and voice recognition are utilized in the process of analysis and transcription, respectively.
  • Capable of stenographically reproducing a broad variety of audio formats, such as voicemails, phone conversations, meetings, and conferences.
  • Capable of transcribing recordings despite the presence of a significant amount of background noise or conversation.
  • Offers a wide range of services, some examples of which are data visualization, sentiment analysis, speech-to-text tools, and analysis of competitors.
  • Utilizing today’s most advanced voice recognition technology helps to ensure accurate transcriptions are produced.
  • Using a mechanical approach to identifying entities, emotions, subjects, and sentences.
  • The information is communicated through the use of graphic representations such as word clouds and emotion analysis charts.
  • Facilitates users working together on projects and sharing information with one another.
  • The confidentiality of the users and any sensitive information is guarded with the help of encryption and strict access controls.
  • Offers built-in support, a connection with Zapier, and an application programming interface (API) for developers.
  • A discount of 20% is available for payments made on an annual basis.


  • The $585 monthly premium plan cost is rather high.
  • Audio quality, background noise, and speaker accents are all factors that might lower transcription accuracy.

Speak AI Review – Alternatives


The services of human and automatic transcription are both available through Scribie. However, that is about the extent of the company’s operations. Speak Ai, on the other hand, not only offers transcription services of a high quality but also converts transcribed content into something that can be shared. The creation of word clouds, bar charts, and automated summaries are all part of this process. Direct integration with WordPress is available through SpeakAi.co, enabling users to generate material that is search engine optimized based on their transcriptions. 

This feature is geared toward users who are focused on content publication. In addition, the shareable media library offered by Speak AI enables users to compile all of their media into a single location and share it via an interactive and information-packed live dashboard. The capability of Speak Ai to transcribe and analyze content from a variety of platforms is another one of the software’s advantages. 

Users merely need to upload audio, video, or text materials from their favorite platforms to get a transcription along with a comprehensive content analysis in a matter of minutes. This makes it simpler for consumers to scan through and locate important events or information that is relevant to their needs.


In contrast to GoTranscript, Speak Ai takes a more comprehensive approach to data analysis and transcribing. This is one of the ways in which it separates itself from its competitors. Speak Ai appears as an appealing solution for individuals who are looking for a transcription platform because it goes beyond simple transcribing to give actionable insights and sentiment analysis. This not only ensures that the media gets transcribed but also that it is made more approachable and enlightening.

Although GoTranscript is capable of supplying transcriptions made by both humans and machines, the scope of its features is rather limited to the sphere of providing transcriptions. Speak Ai, on the other hand, improves the quality of the transcription experience. Not only does it ensure accurate transcription of the highest quality, but it also repurposes the transcripts into interesting forms of information, such as word clouds, bar charts, and condensed summaries.

Happy Scribe

Both Speak Ai and Happy Scribe provide transcription services; however, they cater to distinct requirements and offer a variety of capabilities to meet those requirements. Because Happy Scribe is so well-known for the speed with which it provides both human and automated transcriptions, it is an excellent option for people who are primarily interested in obtaining transcription services. Its ability to transform audio and video content into text in an easy manner is one of its strongest selling points.

On the other hand, when compared to the Speak Ai review, the features of Happy Scribe appear to be more concentrated and less extensive. SpeakAi.co goes one step further than Happy Scribe by providing data analysis, sentiment analysis, and technologies that make media more accessible. 

Happy Scribe is an industry leader when it comes to transcription. This implies that in addition to providing a transcribed version of the content, Speak AI also offers insights about the material, which may be quite helpful for both enterprises and scholars.

Bottom Line

This is it for this Speak AI Review by AI Marketing Reviews. We hope you enjoyed this review and made up your mind. While there are other alternatives out there, SpeakAI is worth checking out. Click here to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Speak AI?

The Speak Ai platform helps marketing and research organizations turn unstructured audio, video, and text data into insights. Speak Ai streamlines data analysis and insight extraction via transcription and NLP technologies.

Is Speak AI Accurate? If so, how accurate?

The goal of Speak Ai’s transcriptions is precision. However, this precision can be affected by factors including audio quality, environmental noise, and speaker accent. Overall, it serves as a solid foundation for additional editing by providing a good transcription as a starting point.

Which audio formats can I use with Speak AI?

MP3, WAV format, FLAC format, OGG, and AAC are just some of the audio file types that Speak Ai is compatible with. The software allows you to directly import audio files for transcribing.

Speak Ai Review - Best Features, Benefits, And 3 Alternatives - AI Marketing Reviews

If you’re a freelancer or somebody looking to transcribe, Speak AI review is the best place to get your information. Read more.

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