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Have you ever spent hours googling and reading through countless websites just to understand your target audience and industry? As a content strategist, we know the struggle is real. Market research is a crucial first step before creating any piece of content or launching a new campaign. But let’s be honest – traditional methods of analysis like surveys, interviews, and manual competitive audits take forever.

There has to be a better way, right? Well, good news – there is! AI-powered solutions like Frase io are totally transforming how teams conduct market research by automating the most tedious parts. With Frase, you can go from a total beginner to an industry expert in hardly any time at all.

In this tutorial, we’ll explore how Frase eliminates friction from the research process through innovative features like AI content briefs, keyword research, and content optimization.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to tap into Frase’s magic to unlock better insights faster. The result? You can create content that truly resonates with your audience and drives real business impact.

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Pains of Traditional Research

Let’s set the stage by talking about what market research looks like today for most professionals:

Without AI, analyzing a new target audience or industry vertical can feel like an uphill battle:

  • It takes forever to comb through enough websites, reports, articles, and tools to piece together an understanding. Even then, how do you know when you’ve looked at “enough” information?
  • Keyword research alone requires combining multiple tools and reconciliation to get a clear picture. And you still might not fully grasp topic clusters and connections.
  • Surveys and interviews depend on the availability and willingness of customers to provide feedback. The data can be skewed or hard to analyze at scale.
  • Competitor research means looking at each company one by one to reverse engineer strategies, value props, messaging, etc. Extraction is manual and messy.
  • Exploring new angles and ideas relies solely on your existing knowledge. Creativity hits a wall without additional stimulus.
  • Validating assumptions and concepts is challenging without easy access to large volumes of data and analytics.
  • Ideation rarely incorporates optimization best practices like SEO value. It’s an afterthought that requires a separate process.
  • Information is disparate across various docs, spreadsheets, bookmarks, email, and Slack threads. Consolidating insights is another project in itself.

Sound exhausting, right? The good news is tools like Frase are revolutionizing how we tackle these challenges. Keep on reading our Tutorial to learn exactly how to do it!

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Frase io – AI to the Rescue

Frase represents a new breed of market research solution. Harnessing the power of AI it enables teams to extract insights, ideate, and optimize content with unrivaled speed and efficiency.

Rather than relying solely on human effort, Frase io augments your process with automation, expansive datasets, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. This removes the typical friction associated with primary research.

Some of the benefits you’ll experience include:

  • Instantly generate content briefs on any industry or topic using AI
  • Discover high-value keywords and understand semantic connections
  • Analyze topics and trends through auto-generated industry reports
  • Research competitor content and extract key data points for comparison
  • Receive curated recommendations of highly relevant content to peruse
  • Identify unanswered questions and untapped opportunities in your niche
  • Access expansive, up-to-date market data to validate ideas and assumptions
  • Optimize ideation by aligning topics and angles with SEO value
  • Consolidate research in one centralized location for your team

These capabilities allow you to:

  • Skip the tedious parts of research and focus on high-value tasks
  • Quickly immerse yourself in a new industry or topic without effort
  • Back decisions with data-driven confidence
  • Maintain an expansive perspective beyond your current knowledge
  • Turn broad themes into defined content strategies and angles
  • Ideate for long-tail topics that competitors have yet to cover
  • Ensure relevance, value, and conversion throughout the content process

The bottom line? gives you supercharged efficiency and insight generation to build content that converts. Now, let’s explore’s key features that deliver these benefits.

Key Feature #1: AI-Generated Content Briefs

Content Briefs provide an instant download of everything you need to know about a particular industry vertical, topic area, or type of content.

Built using a vast dataset and natural language generation, each brief contains sections like:

  • Topic Overview
  • Key Insights
  • Trends & Challenges
  • Keywords & Questions
  • Competitive Audit
  • Content Ideas & Angles

Rather than spending hours combing the web, you can leverage Frase’s IO to immerse yourself in a topic literally instantly. The narrative briefs read like they were written by a human expert.

Having this consolidated view saves tons of time and effort upfront. You can scan for key learnings, identify missing areas of value, and formulate strategic angles for content – all without leaving the platform.

Going into ideation with such a strong foundation leads to remarkable efficiency gains in downstream content development.

Key Feature #2: Unmatched Keyword Research

Another area where Frase adds tremendous efficiency is keyword research. Rather than combining disjointed tools, Frase Io gives you a structured workspace to analyze and organize keywords.

The key benefit lies in semantic keyword grouping. Frase’s algorithms automatically detect connections and clusters among related keywords. This structures your research in a logical hierarchy.

With a couple of clicks, you can:

  • Filter and prioritize keywords by search volume, difficulty, CPC, and other metrics
  • Visualize semantic connections between keywords to inspire content angles
  • Export clusters of semantically related keywords for ideation
  • Analyze gaps in your existing keyword coverage

Having this workflow, along with expansive keyword data, removes all the typical pain of combining keyword tools and spreadsheets. You get an automated workspace that surfaces the best angles tailored to your focus area.

Key Feature #3: Content Optimization

Here’s where really shines in accelerating your workflow. The system integrates optimization right into the ideation process.

The Content Optimizer feature provides an SEO score estimating the value of any given topic. You describe a content angle, and Frase rates relevance, traffic potential, level of competition, and more.

This enables you to rapidly filter and prioritize angles that strike the ideal balance of compelling and high-value. Optimization happens on the front end rather than being an afterthought.

Between keyword research and optimization, you can quickly align angles that meet business goals. This legwork pays dividends when it comes time to actually develop and distribute content. You’ve set yourself up for maximum relevance, engagement, and conversions.

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Success Stories

When the AI content optimization platform Frase Io launched on AppSumo in August 2020, they had 169 total customers. Fast forward just 28 days later, and Frase ended their AppSumo campaign with a whopping 8,266 new customers added to their user base. This represented the largest 30-day product launch in AppSumo history.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • $792,000 in total sales revenue
  • Grew from 840 to 13,579 monthly active users
  • 500% increase in sustained website traffic post-launch
  • 0 to 312 public reviews on review platforms
  • 0 to 2,459 members in their private Facebook community, with 1,492 daily active members

But even more impressive was how this tiny startup of just 5 people pulled off such rapid growth. Their secret? Engaging authentically with customers and letting user feedback drive product improvements and marketing strategy.

For example, the Frase io team personally responded to every single user review that came in. They listened carefully to complaints and frustrations, no matter how small. This user input directly shaped their priority feature enhancements and educational content to improve onboarding. Tutorial Steps – How to Write An SEO Optimized Article?

Creating optimized, high-value content consistently is a challenge for any marketing team. Doing the research to identify topics and angles that will actually resonate with your audience takes forever using traditional methods. That’s where Frase io comes in. 

Frase is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you uncover winning content ideas in a fraction of the time. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to get started with to supercharge your content research and ideation.

Step 1: Create an Account and Sign In

Frase Io Tutorial

To get started with Frase, you first need to create a free account. Just go to and click on “Start Free Trial” in the top right. Enter your name, email, and password to sign up.

Once registered, you can sign in to your Frase io dashboard using your email and password. This is where you’ll manage all your Frase projects.

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Step 2: Navigate the Dashboard Tutorial

The Frase dashboard gives you an overview of key features and functionalities. On the left side you have your documents, content analytics, topics, and settings. The main window shows your open documents or a document overview.

Content Creation using free tutorial

Get familiar with where to access top-level features like Optimize, Outline Builder, Content Briefs, and more. Poke around to see all that Frase AI offers!

Step 3: Start a New Document

To begin market research or ideating content, start by creating a new Frase document. Just click on “Documents” in the left nav and then “+ New Document”.

Give your document a title that describes your focus topic or content area. Click on the “+” to add more relevant keywords you want to target!

Step 4: Create a Content Brief

Frase - ai writer tutorial

Now that you’ve added your topic and keywords, it’s time to outline the content. Use the Content Briefs feature to generate a framework tailored to your topic and keywords.

Select the brief type that matches your content format (how-to guide, list post etc). Fill in details like title, topics, and tone. Frase io will create a customized brief to guide your writing.

Step 5: Write and Optimize your Content

With your content brief created, start writing your draft within the Frase editor. Reference the brief for the optimal structure and topics to cover.

Use features like Rewrite and Expand to automatically generate SEO-optimized sentences and paragraphs.

Check your Topic Score to ensure you are including the right keywords and semantic connections for your target search terms.

Step 6: Conclusion and Call-to-Action

Wrap up your content with a conclusion summarizing key points. End with a strong call-to-action to provide readers with clear next steps.

Frase io can auto-generate a conclusion for you. Just type “In summary” and click “Write For Me”.

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Advanced Features

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Frase, it’s time to unlock even more value through the advanced features. This tool offers incredibly powerful tools for competitor analysis, content optimization, and more. Leveraging these capabilities will give you a true edge in creating high-impact content.

One of the most robust features is Competitive Content Analysis. With just a few clicks, Frase generates a full landscape analysis of top pages ranking for your target keyword. See exactly how competitors are structuring and optimizing their content right in the SERP Preview.

You can export key data like word count, topic coverage, headers used, and more for easy bench marking. Find out precisely what’s working to rank highly and beat competitors by learning from what they’re doing well.

Frase also makes optimizing your own content simple through the Content Optimizer. Input a title and outline, and Frase io will score your topic relevance. See how your document compares to the competition for your core keywords.

The tool analyzes critical ranking factors like keywords usage, semantic connections, paragraph structure, and more. You’ll get specific advice on how to boost your score by adding related topics and transitions.

Plus, Frase offers robust integration with Google Analytics to see precisely how your existing content is performing. Connect your GA account to automatically import your top landing pages. Sort by metrics like organic visits, bounce rate, pages per session and more.

More Tutorials

Ensure to check out the members area for more tutorials showing you all the tricks to get the most out of your subscription!


At the end of the day, Frase’s greatest superpower is the way it augments creators rather than replaces them. The AI capabilities don’t write content for you—they empower you to be a smarter, more strategic writer. Frase io fundamentally transforms each stage of the process with actionable insights, recommendations, and tools. But it’s up to you to bring the creativity and human connection.

That symbiosis unlocks content at a scale, quality, and speed previously unachievable. If you’re ready to step into the future of content creation, start your free trial of today. In minutes, you’ll see firsthand how AI can enhance content that truly resonates.

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