Review – Top 4 Benefits and Best Features Review – Top 4 Benefits and Best Features post thumbnail image is AI-powered marketing data attribution and modeling software that helps firms analyze their marketing success across channels. The technology provides multi-touch marketing attribution to show users the value and ROAS of each marketing touchpoint. connects all marketing data to help advertisers and marketers allocate marketing budgets across the customer lifecycle.’s features, pricing plans, pros & disadvantages in this Review can help you make a well-informed purchase decision. Review: Key Features

Attribution for Multiple Touches review uses a Markov model attribution to precisely assign conversions to different marketing interventions and reveal the whole context of customers’ experiences. Multi-touch marketing attribution software enables businesses to gain a comprehensive view of every marketing touchpoint and understand the value and return on ad spend (ROAS) of each. 

This is further enhanced by its ability to connect to all major marketing data sources and its inbuilt Markov Model Attribution, an advanced statistical model that accurately represents the impact of each channel in the customer’s journey.

Visual Data Integration

The platform’s visual data integration feature stands out. Users can easily visualize and stream their data to any tool, including programming languages like R and Python. With native connectors and APIs, ensures that data consumption is straightforward in any tool of choice. Moreover, the platform boasts a supportive community where users can exchange tips and insights on data integration and visualization.

Customized Dashboard

Another significant feature is the platform’s customizable dashboards. It provides the option for users to design their own dashboards and view data in a format that best suits them. Users can tailor these dashboards to reflect the metrics and KPIs most relevant to them, ensuring that vital data is always at the forefront. This customization extends to showing attributed conversions for each marketing channel, providing clear insights into which channels are performing optimally.

ROI Optimizing Option

The next point in this section of review is that, it takes into account CRM data such as returns, cancellations, and offline conversions to maximize marketing ROI across all channels, campaigns, keywords, and creatives.


Saves time and effort for marketers by automating the collection and formatting of marketing data.

Multi-Platform Optimisations

Improves marketing efforts and finances by analyzing and optimizing customer journeys across all touchpoints.

Insights into Attribution

Offers information-based choices for allocating marketing resources across the client lifecycle. Provides tools for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and determining the return on investment (ROI) for money spent. integrates cross-device data, CRM data for offline conversions, returns, cancellations, and TV and offline campaign data to augment customer journey data. When combined with cost data and multi-touch attribution, this comprehensive data gives a thorough ROAS analysis for all touchpoints.

Localized APIs and Interconnectors

Provides APIs and native connectors for easy integration with popular analytics and reporting suites, including Looker Studio, Power BI, Google Data Studio, BigQuery, and others.

Destinations of Data

Allows marketing data to be streamed to a variety of locations, including reporting applications, data warehouses, and Business Intelligence (BI) tools of choice. Integrating with Salesforce CRM makes it simple for marketers to access and analyze Salesforce data.

Integration of Data Simplified

Data integration is easy with, thanks to its connectors. Whether it’s integrating data from tools like Data Studio and BigQuery or from platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and various CRMs, including Salesforce, ensures seamless data amalgamation. This vast integration capability plays a pivotal role in the platform’s cross-media optimization feature. 

By connecting all marketing data, review has demonstrated an increase in marketing ROI by 15-44% for its users. This comprehensive campaign analysis allows businesses to measure the ROI for every channel, campaign, keyword, and creative. It makes it simple to link all data sources and use them in any application, marketing platform, or data visualization tool by streamlining the process of data integration.

Variety of Marketing Plug-Ins

Supports connecting to a wide range of online services, such as advertising networks (including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads), analytics programs (like Google Analytics), social media sites (like Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads), and more.

SQL Support for Complex Applications

Allows for more sophisticated data analysis and machine learning to be performed by integrating with SQL-based systems.

Using AI to Improve Marketing

Allows businesses to make more informed decisions with more accurate information by using AI to assess and optimize marketing expenditures.

Simple Configuration and Useful Insights

Easy to set up, and the insights gleaned from data linkages are invaluable to the successful operation of any marketing enterprise.

Reasonable Costs

Provides easy-to-understand, event-based pricing for integrations that scale with company needs.

Benefits of Using 

Optimization of Marketing Data

With the review, marketers and advertisers can leverage all of their collected marketing data to fine-tune their efforts at every stage of the consumer experience.’s marketing attribution platform helps businesses make more informed decisions with their current resources.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Improvements to the client experience might be haphazard at best in the absence of sufficient data. To better understand the customer journey and identify areas for improvement, marketers and advertisers can use’s Attribution Insights and predictive budget optimizer.

Enhanced Profitability

Users of can now more easily understand the ins and outs of the customer journey and the impact of the advertising promotions they ran because of this improved visibility. They can see exactly where their money is paying off because of Windsor AI’s attribution marketing tools.

Decision-Making Based on Data’s data collection, analysis, and attribution insights all come together to provide complete customer journey information to advertisers and marketers. With this knowledge, customers can rest assured that they have chosen the best choice possible, given the available options and circumstances. Review: Pros And Cons


  • Artificial intelligence multi-touch attribution platform.
  • Integrates and displays data automatically.
  • Different models of marketing interactions are supported.
  • Includes ROI tracking for all channels, keywords, campaigns, and content.
  • Automated budget optimization.
  • A system that can monitor both online and offline activity with equal precision.
  • Case studies from a range of sectors.
  • Support for 50 different advertising platforms.
  • API and CSV export are available on this code-free platform.
  • Provides a free, albeit limited, trial version.
  • Alternate payment options are available.
  • All subscription tiers include API and database access.
  • All cloud services are supposedly supported.
  • Provides individualized access to data upon request.


  • The interface is complicated and hard to use.
  • Each account can only have so many data connections active at once.
  • Extra fees may apply for access to native data sources.
  • Expensive relative to comparable platforms.
  • There are no white-labeling or metric-tweaking options available.
  • Has a delay while dealing with big amounts of data.
  • Not well-established than competing options; technology glitches occur occasionally. Review of Pricing Options review pricing

Free Plan ($0): Access for one user, integration with one data source, and single-account administration are all included.

Basic Plan ($19/m annually): It allows for an unlimited number of users, three data connections, and seventy-five account maximums.

Standard Plan ($99/m annually): It also allows for an unlimited number of users, seven data connections, and seventy-five account maximums.

Plus Plan ($249/m annually): There is no limit on the number of users, and you can link up to 10 data sources and 200 accounts.

Professional Plan ($499/m annually): There is no limit on the number of users, and you can link up to 14 data sources and 500 accounts. Invoiced payments are also accepted.

Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing): Enterprise onboarding support, an Enterprise Service Level Agreement (SLA), and the ability to connect anywhere from 14 to 200 data sources are all included.

How To Use Windsor AI? review is a comprehensive platform designed to provide businesses with insights into their marketing efforts across multiple channels. To get started with, you need to follow a few easy steps that we’re going to walk you through. 

Start with Data Integration

Begin by connecting your marketing data sources to The platform supports a wide range of connectors, from Google Analytics and Facebook Ads to various CRM platforms like Salesforce. This ensures that you have a holistic view of your marketing efforts.

Customize Your Dashboard

Once your data sources are connected, tailor the dashboard to reflect the metrics and KPIs that are most relevant to your business. This ensures that you always have the most pertinent data at your fingertips. The platform also allows you to see attributed conversions for each marketing channel, providing insights into channel performance.

Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution

Utilize’s core feature to gain insights into every marketing touchpoint. The inbuilt Markov Model Attribution will help you understand the impact of each channel in the customer’s journey, ensuring you can optimize your marketing strategies effectively.

Optimize Marketing Efforts

With the data integrated and insights at hand, focus on optimizing your marketing ROI. provides tools and insights to measure ROI for every channel, campaign, keyword, and creative. This comprehensive analysis ensures that every marketing dollar is well spent.

Get Attribution Insights’s attribution insights empower you to make data-driven decisions on budget allocations across the entire customer journey. By integrating data from various sources, including cross-device data, CRM data for offline conversions, and even TV and offline campaign data, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your customer’s journey.

Visualize and Stream Data

Finally, make use of’s visual data integration feature. Whether you prefer using R, Python, or any other tool, allows you to visualize and stream your data seamlessly. The platform’s native connectors and APIs ensure that data consumption is straightforward, regardless of your tool of choice.

Quick Alternatives Of

We hope you’re convinced by now that it’s worth giving a try to Review. From this review by AI Marketing Reviews, you can easily get started with Windsor AI. Click here! Review FAQ

What is workings? is AI-powered marketing data attribution and modeling software that helps firms analyze their marketing success across channels. The technology provides multi-touch marketing attribution to show users the value and ROAS of each marketing touchpoint. connects all marketing data to help advertisers and marketers allocate marketing budgets across the customer lifecycle. 

Can you integrate other platforms?

The platform integrates with several technologies, letting users display and use data in R and Python. also has native interfaces to popular marketing platforms and CRMs, easing customer path matching. Clients praise the platform’s usability, insights, and customer service.

What is the main purpose of is designed to provide you with the tools and insights you need to optimize your marketing efforts effectively.

Can data visualization be customized?

Yes!’s dashboard lets users customize data display to their needs. You can customize the platform to focus on specific KPIs, metrics, or channels. also integrates visual data with R and Python. This lets you display and stream data in any tool, making data consumption and analysis easy.

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