Colossyan Review: 5 Important Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

Colossyan Review: 5 Important Features, Pricing, and Alternatives post thumbnail image

Colossyan is a cutting-edge AI video platform made to streamline the production of instructional videos for the workplace. In a matter of minutes, users can create AI-powered videos from text, and with a single click, those videos can be automatically translated into dozens of languages.

The creators of Colossyan AI are a talented bunch with backgrounds in video production and artificial intelligence. Colossyan was created by a European firm with the same name.

It’s an online service that uses artificial intelligence to produce videos starring convincingly human-looking avatars. The platform offers a wide variety of tools, such as the ability to personalize characters, build scenes, and convert text to speech. Let’s start with our Colossyan review now, shall we?

Colossyan Review: Features

The platform includes several useful functions, such as:

Education and Development: With Colossyan, users may easily create high-quality training films without the exorbitant fees normally associated with doing so.

Corporate Use: Colossyan creator can convert regular PowerPoint presentations or PDFs into eye-catching videos, making corporate communications more efficient.

AI Avatars: Users can select from various premade AI avatars or design their own. With this function, there is no longer a need to track down willing specialists in the field to do interviews.

Auto-translation: Colossyan AI’s automatic translation function makes it possible to translate a whole video with a single click, making it ideal for localization. Users can also customize the AI avatars’ speech patterns and wardrobes to reflect local customs.

Templates: Colossyan makes it simple to create professional-quality videos by providing a library of professionally designed templates that are tailored specifically to the needs of students.

Many users have praised the time-saving features, variety of AI avatars, and automatic translation that Colossyan provides. Many people in the business world utilize it, including I.D.s, consultants, and communications directors.

Game-Changing Automated Video Creation with Colossyan AI Creator

  • No Manual Scriptwriting: Colossyan creator eliminates mundane tasks like scriptwriting and actor casting by doing it all automatically.
  • Tons of Avatars: With so many AI avatars to pick from, you’re sure to find the right one to host your video.
  • Easily Reach a Global Audience with Built-in Machine Translation: Colossyan makes it simple to localize your content for a wide variety of languages.

Colossyan Review: Pricing Structures 

Colossyan review pricing

Next in this Colossyan review, we have a detailed description of the pricing structure. There are three primary pricing tiers for Colossyan creator:

Starter Pack

The $2.8 per minute Starter Plan is perfect for anyone looking to make a basic AI movie. Included in the Full HD (1080p) resolution, commercial license, and no watermark are ten minutes of video with eight premium avatars. Images and videos created by users can also be shared.

Pro Pack

The Pro Plan is ideal for individuals or small teams who routinely produce AI movies and costs $2.4 per minute. Costing $2.4 per minute, this package gives you 40 minutes of video, 30+ premium avatars, avatar discussions with two avatars, and automatic translation into a second language.

Enterprise Pack

The Enterprise Plan is tailored to the needs of large enterprises looking to scale their AI video production capabilities. A dedicated customer success manager, unrestricted auto-translation into 70+ languages, brand kits, team collaboration, avatar discussions with four avatars, and Ultra HD (4K) video quality are included. Contacting Colossyan to learn the price of the Enterprise plan is the best option.

Both the Starter and Pro programs are customizable to meet your specific requirements. You can’t buy more; your wasted minutes won’t carry over to the next month. If you sign up for a yearlong plan, you’ll get all of your allotted minutes at once.

How to Use Colossyan to Create Videos with AI Avatars

Colossyan AI

1. Pick a Design Direction

Choosing a design direction is a necessary first step before diving into the implementation details. When you initially begin making a video, you can do so in a few different ways. Colossyan Creator’s “New draft” button can be found on the “drafts” page. You’ll see three choices to:

  • Get back to square one
  • Incorporate a video prompt into a design using AI.
  • Modify one of our many available samples.

If you’d rather use pre-made slideshows or PPT files instead, you can do so by going to the drafts page and choosing:

Import (here is where you can insert a PDF or PowerPoint presentation).

Video templates are an excellent starting point since they streamline the design process. Training videos, promotional videos, explainer videos, video presentations, and more are just some of the many video formats that can be created with the help of Colossyan AI’s 20+ video templates. 

Although these templates were created by professionals, you can still alter the style to suit your needs. You can choose a premade one or start from scratch when creating a new scenario. 

2. Scripting the Video

After settling on a style for your video, the next step in making an interesting one is writing the narrative. Although copying and pasting content into a computer-generated filmmaker is easy, you should avoid doing so. Review your writing and turn it into a professional video script instead. 

3. Pick an Avatar

‍The next thing to do is choose an artificial intelligence character. The AI character will act as the video’s narrator or presenter, lending an air of mystique to the finished piece. The avatar’s appearance and location can be tailored to your preferences with the help of more than fifty distinct options.

In Colossyan Creator, you may add an artificially intelligent avatar by clicking on ‘Actor’ in the top panel of the video canvas and then choosing the avatar you want to use. You may then refine the final product by changing the avatar’s position, size, and frame.

4. Professional Voiceovers Using Text-to-speech Technology

In this exciting development of Colossyan review, you can use AI to generate text-to-speech voiceovers that are on par with human performers. Simply copy and paste your video script into the corresponding script box as you progress through the slides. In a matter of seconds, an artificially intelligent voiceover will be created from your script. 

The technology chooses the language based on the text, but you can tweak it to get the right inflection, dialect, and voice style. Despite the sophistication of our text-to-speech technology, the narration can be enhanced by making changes like fixing mispronunciations, inserting pauses and emphasis, and so on. 

5. Video Editing

Everything you need to make a stunning video is included in Colossyan Creator. Within the program itself, you can incorporate the following components into your AI-generated video:

  • Choose through hundreds of thousands of stock images and videos, or upload your own. 
  • Post supplemental footage or screen captures 
  • Choose or upload some tunes for the background 
  • Make shapes 
  • To display on-screen text 
  • Include moving images, cuts, GIFs, icons, and company logos.

6. Generating the Video

You’ve used artificial intelligence to great effect in your video production. The “Generate” button should now be clicked to begin the video’s generation. Colossyan uses sophisticated AI algorithms to automatically generate a professional-grade video.

The video will be available for viewing, sharing, downloading, and embedding once it has been vetted by our algorithm and content moderators. If you’re happy with the results, you may even make a copy or a video template to use as a starting point for future projects. 

Colossyan Review

Colossyan Creator is a highly regarded program due to its low learning curve, reasonable price, and high-quality results. User feedback of Colossyan review has revealed the following benefits and drawbacks:


User-Friendliness: People have a good time interacting with the interface. Making a video is easy, and the program is continually updated to provide new features and enhancements.

Output quality: The videos created are exceptional, and the AI avatars are lifelike in appearance and performance, with smooth lip sync and a wide variety of voices to choose from.

Cost Efficiency: Users have reported that the expense of using Colossyan to create films is minimal in comparison to the cost of employing a human presenter.

Support for Customers: Customers have said that the service’s support staff is helpful and quick to respond to their inquiries.

Language Inclusivity: The tool’s linguistic flexibility makes it an excellent choice for businesses operating on a global scale.


Limited Free Music: Users have complained in Colossyan review about the small selection of songs available.

No Subtitles: The current inability to add subtitles independently from the script creates difficulties when phonetic spelling changes are required to improve pronunciation.

Poor Lip-syncing: Some people have complained that lip-syncing isn’t great, despite the fact that it’s often regarded as a strong point.

Restricted Free Plan: Some users have complained that the free plan is too restrictive and that the pricier ones are too pricey.

Render Time: Some users have complained that rendering takes too long and that making a mistake when making a video might quickly use up the allotted monthly video time.

Colossyan Creator is widely regarded as a powerful program with great potential for making high-quality, expert-level videos. The business values customer input and is always looking for ways to improve its service.

Possible Alternatives for Colossyan AI 

Several AI video generators besides Colossyan were found, which after Colossyan review can be called as Colossyan alternatives. 

  • Using YTCopycat, you can quickly and easily transform your favorite YouTube videos into blog posts, tweets, and email newsletters that are optimized for search engines.
  • Scribe is an organization that focuses on documenting procedures and making them available to others.
  • To increase interaction with leads and responses from them, Repliq provides tailored videos.
  • Rokoko Video emphasizes the use of AI motion capture for character animation.
  • FineShare is a digital platform for teamwork that allows you to record high-definition video and alter your voice.

Although the alternatives are there, it’s worth considering using Colossyan AI for video generation. To get started, click here. 

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Colossyan Review FAQs

What are the differences between the Basic and Premium Packages?

If all you want to do is make some basic videos, then we’d say in this Colossyan review that the Starter Plan is for you. The annual fee is $280, and you get 120 minutes of video. If you work alone or with a small team and need access to more advanced capabilities, the Pro Plan is for you. The annual fee is $96, which includes 480 minutes of video and extras like several avatars in each scene.

What does it mean to be “billed annually”?

When a plan is “billed annually,” it means that payment is made in one lump sum at the beginning of the year. For instance, the annual cost of the Starter Plan is $336, or $28 per month, however this is due in full at the start of the subscription period.

How long can a video be on each plan?

Maximum video length increases from 5 minutes on the Starter Plan to 20 minutes on the Pro Plan. With the Enterprise Plan’s bespoke features, you can record videos for as long as you like.

Is it possible to make my own avatars?

You can make your own avatar on Colossyan, albeit this function may not be available on all paid plans. More premium AI avatars and other customization options are available with the enterprise plan.

What are auto-translations?

Colossyan review’s exclusive auto-translation tool makes it easy to localize your movies into any language you choose. Three translations each month are included in the Starter Plan, ten in the Pro Plan, and limitless in the Enterprise Plan.

What is an AI script assistant?

The GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology utilized by the AI Script Assistant allows for extensive linguistic and emotional customization. This function is included in all pricing tiers.

What security measures do Colossyan take?

The Enterprise Plan provides further layers of protection for your data, such as Single-Application Multi-Login (SAML/SSO) and dedicated data centers.

How do I get a refund, if necessary?

There is no mention of Colossyan creator’s refund policy in the paper. Get in touch with support if you need clarification on their return policy.

How many people can share a package?

In both the Starter and Pro plans, there is a limit of one person who can share the same “seat” or workplace. The Enterprise Plan has individualized choices.

How much does it cost to make a video?

The plan and total minutes purchased determine the per-minute cost of video production. For instance, the annual pricing for the Starter and Pro Plans is $2.80 per minute.

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