GetGenie Review: New and Improved Features?

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The ways in which content has traditionally been written are evolving. Many website owners today would rather have artificial intelligence (AI) help them out rather than hire human writers to create content from the start.

These days, people are increasingly turning to AI-powered writing aids because of the quality of the text they produce. While many of them can merely generate articles, some can serve as genuine assistants by providing extensive content-related assistance. One such tool is GetGenie, and we’ll be conducting a thorough GetGenie Review. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a recently released AI content writing assistance, GetGenie AI, that comes loaded with useful tools for SEO and article creation. 

AI Writing Tool

Simply put, an AI content writing tool uses AI technology to create and manage content for websites and other digital mediums. You may save time and energy by using these tools to create engaging and unique content for your blog, website, or social media account.

Artificial intelligence content writers can automate the entire writing process. They begin by searching the internet for relevant information and material. The data is subsequently processed by AI technology, which creates original content for websites.

Writing is typically the only task performed by an AI writer. Whereas an AI content assistant handles search engine optimization, makes recommendations based on current material, and offers other content-related assistance. In addition, they follow the client’s guidelines to produce high-quality material that is sure to attract its intended demographic.

GetGenie Review

The connection between an AI writer and a genie in the term itself is intriguing. Why is it so special, exactly? The ability of AI systems to create custom content in response to user input is, without a doubt, a magical feat. The question is, how much “magic” can they really perform in terms of content generation? It’s about to be revealed to us!

GetGenie is an add-on for WordPress. As a result, you’ll need to add the plugin to your site. Next, we’ll discuss its features. GetGenie offers two distinct methods for producing original content. You can enter your own content or utilize the pre-made templates. After that, you can copy and paste text from GetGenie review into your post.

GetGenie’s material can be inserted into the WordPress post interface without the need for any manual editing. A “Write For Me” option appears whenever a new post is created, or an existing post is opened for editing. To access the GetGenie interface from within the comments, simply click on it.

In addition, the GetGenie > Write for Me templates are available in your WordPress dashboard. Title generators, dictionaries, FAQs, feature benefits, feature snippets, and more are all included.

Who Can Benefit Most from GetGenie AI?

Anyone who does their own marketing, who works with small businesses, or who utilizes WordPress will benefit greatly from using GetGenie AI, a powerful AI writing assistance.

Saving time on content creation, editing, and publishing might be a major benefit of using the WordPress AI plugin. Keyword research, SEO analysis, and content optimization are just some of the SEO elements that will pique the interest of marketers.

GetGenie AI can write a full blog post for you, but you need still to edit it to make it more personal and relevant. While AI-generated material can serve as a solid starting point for projects, it’s essential to put your own unique perspective on things while writing to stand out from the crowd and attract more readers.

Pricing Structure: GetGenie Review

GetGenie review

For its WordPress plugin, GetGenie offers four different pricing tiers: Free, Writer, Pro, and Agency.

Writer: Monthly for writers at $19 and 12,000 words. 

Pro: For $49/month for up to 40,000 words.

Agency: For a limited period, the agency is offering a 150,000-word monthly plan for $99. 

If you sign up for an annual plan, you’ll get 20% off.

Included in all proposals are the following as well:

  • Additional AI-written words
  • Research on SEO keywords
  • Examining the search engine results pages of competitors.
  • Guaranteed refund within 14 days

In addition, GetGenie’s free Starter package provides enough resources for one website, an infinite number of users, and 1,500 AI-written words each month to give it a try.

GetGenie Review of Features

GetGenie AI

We’ve tested all of GetGenie’s features to make sure they work as advertised. We took advantage of their user interface, template modules, search engine optimization, blog wizard, copywriting, and extensive article-writing capabilities throughout the process. Here’s our experience with the capabilities and functions of the GetGenie AI article authoring assistant:

WordPress Integration

There is no hiccup in functionality between the standalone plugin and the Gutenberg editor in WordPress. This includes all major plugins and themes that adhere to WordPress’s coding standards.

GetGenie’s setup and use are just like any other WordPress plugin. If you’re already familiar with WordPress, this should be a breeze. They went for a straightforward and well-known interface rather than a flashy one. The interface for the template is minimal and easy to use.

After selecting a design theme, a blank canvas with some basic text boxes will emerge. Using the interface as a template, you may quickly generate material and then duplicate it with a single click.

As was previously noted, the GetGenie review allows you to access the internals of WordPress articles and produce your own content from there. You can copy and paste the text from GetGenie AI right into your blog. SEO advice is available in real-time.

AI and SEO-Friendly Content

The SEO aid function in GetGenie is its most prominent feature. On-page search engine optimization, keyword research, and rival company research are only some of their SEO optimization tools. To further understand how GetGenie’s SEO tools function, let’s examine each one in turn.

On-Page SEO

The SEO scores and suggestions for improvement for your website are calculated by GetGenie. It gives you an in-depth analysis of how your blog could rank in the search engines of your choice. The number of times you’ve utilized the keywords in the post is tracked, and a recommendation is made as to whether or not that number is sufficient.

In addition, it includes suggestions for the optimal length of the article as well as the optimal placement of headings, paragraphs, and visuals inside the text. The AI-driven content helper highlights where your WordPress post may be strengthened in terms of SEO and where those adjustments should be made. 

Analysis of Keywords

The keyword analysis capabilities of the GetGenie review are quite robust. It pulls search query data from Google and provides in-depth analysis. Reports on relevant keywords can be found in the AI content assistant.

  • Keyword volume, levels of competition, and cost-per-click
  • Suggestions for keyword
  • Search trends for keywords
  • Google trends data

You can conduct a keyword analysis using the Blog Wizard’s SEO Mode.


Similar to keyword research, GetGenie review pulls information about your competitors straight from Google search engine results pages. Search engine results page (SERP) ranks, headers, word count, and image usage can all be viewed for specific URLs. 

In addition, GetGenie AI summarizes the material offered by rivals. When you enlarge a heading, you can see what’s under it. Competitor information can be gathered with the use of these features. The information can be used to boost your content above the competition. 


GetGenie’s capacity to facilitate the creation of blogs is highly laudable. The Blog Writing Assistant function helps you produce blog posts by generating multiple titles, introductions, and content outlines based on a set of keywords. 

The Blog Wizard’s organizational design is one of its strongest points, as it facilitates the preservation of content coherence. Users can enter a keyword to generate a title, introduction, and content outline in quick succession. The data is then inserted into the post in one bulk operation. Facilitating the users’ experience and reducing their workload.


GetGenie AI has over 30 different design options. Users should be able to generate information with greater clarity and precision with the aid of these templates. Not only are such themes user-friendly, but they also accommodate the vast majority of potential website content categories.

Detailed and Long Content

GetGenie’s writing abilities extend beyond just blog posts. It includes means of creating new material to supplement the existing articles. For instance, you can have it generate an introduction for you depending on the heading or title you provide.

If you input a paragraph or sentence, it will automatically construct the following lines in the same style and context. This is a wonderful function if you need to produce lengthy content quickly.

In addition, there are tools that make it easier to compose lengthy pieces, such as summaries, definitions, bulleted lists of replies, lists of advantages and disadvantages, and so on.


The process of writing copy is the most difficult for any writer, whether human or AI. It will be fascinating to witness GetGenie AI’s copywriting abilities. There are tried-and-true copywriting modules included in the AI content writing assistance, such as AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution).

Taglines, social media posts, and product ads can all be written with the help of the appropriate templates. Those add-ons and layouts will make it much easier to come up with engaging content for your website.

A GetGenie Review of Plugin for WordPress

Now, we’ll show you the ropes as far as using GetGenie to create blog posts goes. 

1. Keyword Research

The blog wizard can help you locate keywords with low competition and high volume. 

2. Come Up With A Blog Title

It’s time to come up with a catchy title for your blog post. To begin, just set the following options:

Language: The AI-generated content’s language.

Tone: Standard is all that’s available at the moment, but more are on the way.

Creativity: How imaginative you would like GetGenie to be. A higher value will result in less precise calculations.

Results: The end result is the generational count of newcomers. 

3. Introduction

The next action is to create an opening statement. All the same parameters from the preceding procedure are available here as well. Select the appropriate options and then choose the “Generate Intro” button.

Multiple introductions may be returned depending on the preferences you’ve specified. Feel free to make your choice. If it doesn’t work the first time, just click “Generate Intro” again.

4. Make an Outline

Just like before, choose your component and then choose “Generate Outline.”

You’ll be given many different templates to choose from, each with suggested subheadings. Create a customized blog outline by selecting the appropriate subheaders in the left panel. These will then be displayed in the right box. The order can even be changed by merely dragging and dropping with the mouse.

5. Create Fresh Blog Content

Now comes the exciting phase where you get to make up your own paragraphs for the main body of the writing. To begin, select the content you need and then hit the magic wand button. The last step is to paste the copied text into the editor. Do this for each subsection, and you’ll be finished.

The GetGenie Web Editor

With this new release, GetGenie’s potent AI-driven content generation and optimization capabilities may be used outside of WordPress. The time has come for you to:

Go straight to GetGenie in the browser

You may use GetGenie’s AI-driven features on any device right from your browser.

Make AI-generated content anywhere and then fine-tune it 

You’re not limited to just WordPress when it comes to making and optimizing content. 

GetGenie Web Editor: A How-To Guide

Are you prepared to try out the Web Editor? Get going by following these steps:

  • Use the URL to access your GetGenie account.
  • GetGenie’s “Playground” tab is located on the main menu.
  • Get started right away with content creation and optimization with the intuitive Web Editor.

GetGenie Review: Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of utilizing the GetGenie AI article writing assistance will now be discussed.


  • Retrieving Google data for use in content and SEO analysis.
  • Helps writers save time while producing excellent work Produces in-depth, informative articles Offers comprehensive SEO support to enhance content’s visibility in search engines
  • Comprehensive keyword analysis taking into account international search volume, competitiveness, CPC, and seasonality
  • Provides a ranking, word count, heading count, and image count for competing sites
  • Includes a compilation of popular queries from Quora, Google, Reddit, and additional sources
  • Effective writing skills
  • Produces extensive, well-organized pieces utilizing a variety of established formats


  • The current state of AI technology still necessitates some degree of human involvement.
  • The free version only provides a small set of vocabulary. However, it offers a reasonable upgrade pricing structure.

GetGenie Review Final Verdict

At the end of GetGenie Review, the AI abilities of GetGenie are amazing. Even first-time users should have no trouble navigating the interface. Users may easily and rapidly create content for their websites. It also has trustworthy qualities. It caters to a wide variety of niches and themes with original and influential writing. All in all, GetGenie is a great addition for WordPress users and does what it’s supposed to. 

Read more interesting reviews of AI writing tools on AI Marketing Reviews. 


Is it safe to use GetGenie AI?

Although GetGenie AI’s keyword analysis isn’t quite as good as tools like AHREFS, and search engines still favor content that’s optimized on Surfer SEO, the blog wizard is highly trustworthy and can swiftly upload a blog post directly to your website.

Is it a paid tool?

The GetGenie AI blog wizard has a free trial period, but in order to access the paid keyword research and other premium features, a paid subscription is required.

What sets GetGenie AI apart from ChatGPT?

GetGenie AI and ChatGPT are both excellent blogging tools. However, GetGenie AI has extra features like a WordPress extension, keyword analysis, and SEO optimization that ChatGPT lacks.

GetGenie Review

Is GetGenie a good AI content generator plugin for Wordpress? Read our review and find out more about this Wp Plugin utilizing AI to produce top notch content for your blog or website!

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