10 Best AI Image Generators in 2023

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In recent years, the evolution of artificial intelligence has taken a fascinating turn with the advent of AI image generators. These innovative tools are revolutionizing the way we create and perceive digital art, graphic design, and even marketing materials. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 AI image generators that are currently leading the field. These platforms have been selected based on their ease of use, the quality of images they produce, their unique features, and the impact they’ve had on the creative industry.

Over 15 billion photographs have been created this year alone thanks to these smart algorithms, and a whopping 87% of firms are certain that these resources will provide them an edge in the marketplace. AI image generators are ready to help you realize your vision, whether you’re making a complex digital work of art or a simple icon. So, to know what is the best AI image generator, read on. 

The use of AI in image generation is not just about creating art; it’s a blend of technology and creativity that is opening new doors for professionals and hobbyists alike. From generating stunning visuals for social media to creating unique designs for websites, these AI tools are versatile and increasingly accessible. We’ll explore each of these top 10 tools in detail, highlighting their strengths, potential applications, and how they stand out from the crowd.

Utilizing AI-Generated Images in Marketing

In the world of marketing, AI-generated images can be a game-changer. The ability to produce high-quality, unique visuals at a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional methods is invaluable. Here are some key ways to leverage AI-generated images in marketing:

  1. Brand Consistency: AI tools can help maintain a consistent visual identity for your brand. By setting specific parameters, you can generate images that align with your brand’s color scheme, style, and ethos.
  2. Engagement Boosting: Social media thrives on eye-catching visuals. AI-generated images can be used to create intriguing, engaging content that stands out in a crowded social media landscape.
  3. Personalization: Personalized marketing is more effective in engaging customers. AI can generate images tailored to individual preferences, locations, or historical interactions, making marketing campaigns more targeted and personal.
  4. Rapid Prototyping: Marketing campaigns often require rapid visual prototyping. AI image generators can quickly produce a range of options for A/B testing, enabling marketers to make data-driven decisions on visual elements.
  5. Cost-Effective Campaigns: Small businesses or startups with limited budgets can benefit greatly from AI-generated images, as they reduce the need for expensive graphic design resources.

In conclusion, the integration of AI-generated images in marketing strategies offers a wealth of opportunities. As we explore the top 10 AI image generators, we’ll keep an eye on how each can be specifically harnessed to enhance marketing efforts, ensuring that your brand stays ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Top 10 AI Based Image Generators

In the realm of digital creativity, the emergence of AI image generators marks a significant milestone, blending the boundaries between technology and artistry. This article presents the top 10 AI image generators, each a testament to the incredible advancements in machine learning and graphic design.

These tools, ranging from user-friendly platforms for beginners to sophisticated systems for professional designers, offer a diverse array of functionalities. They enable users to create everything from surreal art pieces to ultra-realistic images, with just a few clicks or code lines.

This list has been meticulously curated to include generators that excel in terms of innovation, ease of use, quality of output, and their transformative impact on industries such as marketing, entertainment, and education. As we explore these pioneering tools, we not only highlight their technical capabilities but also discuss the creative possibilities they unlock for users across various skill levels and professions.


DALL-E and its successor, DALL-E 2, have broken new ground in the process of using textual prompts to generate beautiful digital artwork. These platforms aren’t just about generating photos; they are about enabling creators with comprehensive control over the creative process. They are the go-to option for designers, painters, and AI enthusiasts due to their capacity to modify old sketches or conjure up new ones from mere descriptions.

The dedication to making art accessible to everyone is what sets these AI Image Generators apart. They provide a conduit for anyone to create work that is not only original but also unencumbered by copyright concerns.


DALL-E’s pricing structure is as attractive as its capabilities, offering several tiers based on image resolution:

  • High-resolution images (1024 x 1024 pixels) at $0.02
  • Medium resolution (512 x 512 pixels) at $0.018
  • Lower resolution (256 x 256 pixels) at $0.016


The advantages of using DALL-E are as varied as the images it can produce:

  • Speedy delivery of images, often in under a minute.
  • The ability to bring any imaginative concept to visual reality with custom images from text prompts.
  • The flexibility to modify existing images, providing a playground for creativity and iteration.
  • A boon for rapidly producing variations and enhancing the design process.


However, with all its brilliance, DALL-E is not without its drawbacks:

  • Despite improvements, some may find the images lack a degree of realism.
  • The onus is on the user to craft precise prompts; otherwise, the result might not align with expectations.
  • For those seeking high-definition imagery, costs can accumulate.
AI image generators


AI image generators

Midjourney is a notable AI art creator as the digital landscape grows. Its popularity is due to its unique AI image-generation features. The digital art Midjourney creates from word prompts often seems like hand-drawn images rather than photos.

This tool specializes in ‘beautiful’ images. Gothic cathedrals, colorful fantasy terrains, and interesting abstract works are Midjourney’s specialty. It’s a refuge for game developers creating strange worlds, concept artists, and storytellers. Even instructors use Midjourney to create engaging images for their lessons as an AI Image Generator.


Pricing for Midjourney ranges across four monthly tiers: $10, $30, $60, and $120. It’s worth noting that while Midjourney once offered complimentary access, now one must join their Discord server to embark on this creative journey, except during occasional promotional offers.


Advantages of Midjourney include:

  • The capability to fine-tune artwork intricacies by tweaking text prompts.
  • Provision of multiple artwork variations, sparking endless creative exploration.
  • A straightforward interface that welcomes all, without the need for any coding expertise.


However, some drawbacks have surfaced:

  • Customer support has occasionally been flagged for delayed responses, which could frustrate those needing prompt aid.
  • Image resolutions can deviate from standard photo quality, which might hinder certain projects.
  • The transition from a free to a paid model might lead to additional costs for regular users.


AI image generators

NightCafe, originally free, now offers premium solutions for expert creatives. Its AI can capture and digitize artistic vision like an artist. NightCafe can mimic everything from abstract to genuine portraiture, making it suitable to digital artists and game designers who want to create complex images and three-dimensional worlds.


NightCafe’s pricing operates on a credit system with three tiers:

  • Hobbyist package at $9.99/month for 100 credits.
  • Enthusiast package at $19.99/month for 250 credits.
  • Artist package at $49.99/month for 700 credits.


Pros of NightCafe include:

  • Unique capability to craft 3D scenes, a standout feature among peers.
  • Fine-tuning control over the ‘genes’ of an image, allowing for intricate customizations.
  • For the tech-savvy and the creative virtuoso, NightCafe’s advanced features unlock new realms of possibility.


On the flip side, potential challenges are:

  • A steep learning curve may intimidate those less familiar with tech.
  • The creation of complex 3D landscapes and scenes may demand a significant investment of time and effort.
  • Higher-tier subscription plans, while offering faster rendering, may not fit within everyone’s budget.


AI image generators

Craiyon, formerly known as DALL-E Mini, is making waves as an AI image generator that’s light on resources but heavy on creativity. This AI model takes your text instructions and turns them into visual representations, offering a simplified alternative to more complex systems like OpenAI’s DALL-E.

It’s a hit with those in marketing, graphic design, and fine arts, and is a playground for anyone curious about the capabilities of AI art generators.


When it comes to cost, Craiyon opts for simplicity with its subscription model. You can start with the basics at $5 per month, and if you’re in need of more advanced features, they offer plans that can go up to $20 per month with annual billing.


Here’s the upside of using Craiyon:

  • You can generate a grid of nine images at no cost, and it’s incredibly easy to use.
  • It allows you to exclude unwanted elements in generated images by using “negative” keywords.


But there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Sometimes the image quality may not hit the mark.
  • The free tier comes with watermarked images and embedded advertisements.
  • Don’t expect photorealistic results; Craiyon isn’t up to par with some other AI tools in emulating different art styles.
  • For now, iOS users are out of luck since the app is Android-exclusive.

Jasper Art 

AI image generators

Jasper Art is an AI image generator with a keen eye for creating picturesque landscapes and striking portraits. This tool is not only adept at producing artistic images, but it also offers a community gallery showcasing creations made by its users. Ideal for those who aim to craft artistic scenes and abstract digital artwork, Jasper Art serves individual and team projects alike.


Pricing for Jasper Art complements its freemium service, starting at $20 per month for each team member, on top of a Jasper subscription.


The benefits of Jasper Art include:

  • Specialized in generating stunning landscape and scenic art from simple text descriptions.
  • Customizable styles, textures, colors, and even the ambiance to get the desired artistic effect.
  • User-friendly with a straightforward interface requiring minimal technical know-how.


On the downside:

  • It may not be the best choice for those needing professional business graphics.
  • Accessing high-resolution images typically requires a paid tier, which can add up in cost.
  • The transformation from text to image isn’t always swift and might test your patience.


AI image generators

DeepAI presents itself as a robust AI image generator and editing platform, perfect for artists, designers, and marketers seeking to bring unique images to life from text prompts. It stands out by offering an array of models and the flexibility to select the desired image dimensions and shapes. Notably, DeepAI is also developer-friendly, with an API that facilitates seamless integration into other applications, enhancing the creative process.

DeepAI is particularly beneficial for content creators and designers who need a steady stream of visual inspiration derived from specific textual ideas.


The pricing model for DeepAI is accommodating, with a Pro plan at $4.99 per month for regular use and a pay-as-you-go plan starting at $5 for every 100 API calls. There’s also a free account option, though with certain limitations.


Here’s why DeepAI could be your go-to:

  • It excels in managing large-scale projects, thanks to its powerful API.
  • Bulk image generation is a breeze, offering high-quality visuals from minimal text input.


Yet, there are a few hurdles:

  • The technical nature of its implementation might be daunting for those not well-versed in tech.
  • The pay-per-use pricing structure might become costly for frequent users.
  • As it relies on API calls for generation, it may lack the interactive finesse that some users prefer, potentially affecting the overall user experience.

DreamStudio by Stability A

AI image generators

DreamStudio by Stability AI is quickly carving out a niche for itself as a go-to tool for interactive and realistic AI Image Generator. It’s a playground for creatives who are looking to inject life-like details into their digital artwork. By enabling users to employ styles and negative prompts, the AI can steer clear of unwanted elements, providing a tailored creative process. This platform shines for illustrators, game designers, and advertising professionals who need sophisticated visuals and prototypes that push the envelope of digital composition.


DreamStudio balances free and premium services, with more complex billing for those that need more power.


Advantages of using DreamStudio include:

  • Advanced detailing for a more innovative design experience.
  • Adept at delivering high-fidelity visuals for presentations and conceptual work.
  • Facilitates interactive and customizable designs that can be adapted for diverse digital landscapes.


Yet, there are a few caveats:

  • The complexity of the tool can be daunting for novices.
  • Generating high-resolution images may require more patience and computing power.
  • Lack of transparent pricing for premium features might leave some users guessing.

Runway AI

AI image generators

Runway AI steps up as a trailblazer in the AI art generator domain, merging live video and image synthesis for real-time artistic creation. This suite is a boon for independent creators, content producers, and digital artists who revel in the spontaneity of real-time generation.


In terms of costs, Runway AI uses a credit system where each text-to-image generation chips away at your credit stash, necessitating top-ups for heavy users or high-resolution downloads.


  • It’s a melting pot of AI image generation techniques, offering versatility in output.
  • Unique features like live video synthesis for on-the-fly creativity.
  • A rich environment that marries UI, coding, and execution for a range of creative processes.


  • The platform’s advanced capabilities could overwhelm beginners.
  • Continual use or intensive tasks will require purchasing additional credits.
  • Optimal performance might demand robust hardware to prevent lag or crashes.

Starry AI

AI image generators

Starry AI stands out as a prime choice for those looking to convert text to picture. Its detailed granular tools provide a degree of personalization that sets it apart from competitors. With two distinct modes—Altair for abstractness and Orion for fictional vibes—you have a spectrum of styles and backgrounds at your disposal.

And the best part? It’s free for creating up to 5 images daily.


Here’s why Starry AI shines:

  • Seamlessly integrates with other systems or applications.
  • Offers a variety of aspect ratios for tailored art creation.
  • Ensures complete ownership of the generated images, watermark-free.
  • Continually evolving with new features and improvements.


  • Not beginners-friendly
  • Can compromise on quality


AI image generators

Pixray steps onto the scene as a versatile AI image generator capable of turning text into pixel art. Available across various platforms, it leverages a sophisticated model to craft photo-realistic images. Users can edit and style images post-creation, tapping into a rich palette of creative edits.


With a freemium model, Pixray gives users a taste of its capabilities at no cost, while more demanding tasks are billed according to the computational power required.


  • It offers fine-tuning with line-sketch filters and customizable image qualities.
  • Real textures and color palettes breathe life into the images.
  • The community offers support, bolstering the user experience.


  • While Pixray is generous with its free tier, some trial features may ask for credit card details, and more intensive use will lead to costs based on the processing power utilized.

Bottom Line – Best AI Image Generators

So, there you have it, a detailed list of 10 top AI image generation tools at your disposal. If you’d like to read more about these AI image generators and other AI tools, explore AI Marketing Reviews!

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